The Wise Man

There was once a wise man that lived in the mountains above his village. He lived alone and fended for himself. However, the villages still cared for him and would leave gifts of food and blankets outside his cave.

They never asked for anything in return nor expected anything for it was just their way. The old man in return did initially not offer anything but often a villager would come and sit outside his cave.

They would be lost and in a quandary. In need of the wise man’s advice and direction. The wise man would never directly tell them what the solution was to their problem but he would always get the villager in question to find his own answers.

This was empowering for the individual and it taught them that in future, they could follow the same process and find the answers to their questions themselves.

Sometimes a small group of people would come and sit and wait for the wisdom of the wise man’s teachings.

They would listen intently as he explained how they should use their intuition and the silence of nature to access their inner wisdom that was within each of them.

Despite the rewards he received, his goal was not to ensure that the villages relied on him and kept coming back for more info and to bring him more gifts.

His goal was to educate the villages so that they did not need him and that they could thrive all by themselves. In modern day, humans do not have this confidence.

They are terrified of being not needed and so they create a web that enforces people to keep coming back for more. They enforce a scenario where they are always needed and rewarded for their knowledge and skills.

A true wise man does not do this, he knows that when he operates form his highest self and when he teaches for the love of teaching that the universe will provide any abundance that he requires.

When you empower others, they not only thrive even more but they come back for they are hungry and curious for more. They tell and bring their friends and family to also receive the advice and teachings of the wise man.

The truth is, that when the wise man is living in his own truth and is of service and being authentic then he resonates with everyone. He is loved and appreciated.

He is simply himself and this is enough and it is perfect. There is nothing more to do and nothing more to be.

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