A message from God. My people, my beings, my everything. I put you on this earth to experience life.
It was my gift to you. I gave you consciousness to be able to choose the life you would love to have. To choose to be good or bad.
To be able to distinguish the difference between being good and the consequences and being evil and those consequences. I gave you choice everyday as to how you want to be and how you want to feel.
Will you be happy today or will you be sad and depressed about this gift of life that I gave you. Will you embrace your gift of human experience and do the most you can with it.
Will you flourish and love unconditionally. Or will you conquer your fellow man, take what is his for yourself. Take his family, take his life to make yourself stronger and more abundant.
Will you serve your fellow mankind or will you take from him. Will you serve your species and make all mankind stronger and more resilient or will you just follow the herd which is your prerogative.
Every day, you can be whatever it is you wish to be. Strong and determined or weak and cowardly. Awake and aware or distracted and insular.
I gave you a whole world to play in. will you explore this beautiful world I gave you or will you destroy it and plunder its resources without a care for tomorrow.
Will you appreciate the beauty in the world or will you only see darkness and pain. Will you enjoy pain and suffering or will you raise your vibration and be unaccepting of anything mediocre.
Will you push yourself mentally and physically every day to be better and stronger and to learn more about what is seen and what is unseen in this world you have been given.
Will you expand your consciousness or be happy and content living in a small perception of what I have created for you. Will you explore everything I have gifted you.
Live every day as the gift it is or waste it in manmade distractions. Will you read and learn from the great minds of your species. Will you write and share your own wisdom with the world.
Will you look after the weak or slaughter them with disdain. Will you rule and lead or simply follow and obey. Will you explore your mind and explore what is possible, explore the unknown.
Will you scare yourself or will you hide. Will you defy death or embrace it. Will you seek to find the genius gift I bestowed upon you and use it in the world.
Or will you waste it and let it wither and die. Will you live with passion and zest for the life gifted to you or will you waste it, sit alone and sad at your inability to rise up and stand firm in the face of your own self-limiting thoughts and feelings.
Will you care for your woman and your children or will you simply use them as an outlet for your shadow monster to do with as he pleases.
Women, will you look after your man and your children and make your man the best he can be or will you crumble at his feet and let his shadow spread its chaos.
Everything you have is your choice. It is your creation. Love what you have created. If you don’t love what you have created, then choose differently.
Beware of those thoughts and feelings for they are self-fulfilling prophecies. They are whatever you want them to be. You create them and then you create your life from there. It’s all you.
Do not blame me for the way your life is. Do not blame me for your hardships. Do not wait for me to save you. I’m not coming. I am simply observing.
I need only provide two gifts to you. One is life and the other is a genius. The rest is up to you and you alone.
Choose wisely what to think about, what to focus on, what to take action on. For this all results in what plays out for you. Be careful who you trust but trust you must.
Love everyone. Move on from disaster quickly. Be responsible. Do not dwell on what has been and which cannot be undone. Do not waste a moment for once it has gone, it is lost forever.
Love is your superpower. Learn to understand it and use it.
Do not be corrupted by sex and desire. It is but a fleeting moment in a life full of hope and promise. Life is yours to take.
You are good enough as you are, right now in this moment
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