The Elders

When these two vital things are lost then humanity makes the same mistakes again and again. And for this reason, humanity does not evolve or progress for they are so full of fake knowledge that they cannot see the truth.

They fully believe their perception of the world and believe it is the only one that exists and that it must be true and the way to be. The elders on the other hand have seen it all.

They have seen that your perception is only one view but in this world, there are millions of perceptions of how different humans experience life.

They all see life for what it is from their own perception. They do not consider others. They have no empathy or understanding for others way of being and so their wisdom and knowledge is greatly reduced.

Their experience is very limited. In this way, when they become old, they are not wise and experienced for they did not live a full life.

They were not open to new ways of being. They were not open to understanding and seeing others and their ways of being. They only saw themselves.

For us to become great and wise elders, we need to experience as much as possible and share our knowledge with the world. While it may be ignored by most, it will help a few and that in itself will serve humanity for the good.


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