Dark Days

As rain clouds sweep across the earth, bringing new life. There is an element of suffering because it is wet and dark and miserable.

But this is really a metaphor for life on earth. For after every dark thunderstorm, there is always light and bright sunshine afterwards.

However long it takes for it to shine through, it will always come. And in that new light and sunshine, there is hope.

The ground is wet, new shoots thirstily drink the life giving water and they spring into life.

A small mouse drinks greedily from the droplets of water on a big leaf.

While the thunderstorm was scary and even dangerous with falling debris in the high winds.

There is light and love coming afterwards. In the same way in your life.

No matter how dark and gloomy the days you are experiencing. It is always temporary.

There is always light and sunshine coming around the corner. So never despair on these dark days.

Do not sit in a low vibration of energy. Sulking and feeling sorry for yourself. Instead, focus on what the darkness and the storm is bringing to you and the world.

The new life that it creates. In those darkest days when you cannot face going on. Know that there is always hope.

Know that it is a game of patience. It is a game of the mind. For one day, there will only be light and no dark days.

And eventually, you will begin to miss the dark days. For you know that these dark days bring new life and hope.

When you are struggling with your thoughts, know that lighter days are always around the corner.

Be present and embrace whatever is given to you in this moment. Everything in life is a lesson, not a condemnation. Not a punishment.

And while you sit there wishing for lightness. Someone on the other side of your earth is wishing for darkness.

Dark and light are both needed. They are both necessary in life. They both stimulate growth.

They both have a lesson for you to make you grow stronger, more resilient and drive you towards being a higher self.

In an ever evolving process of growth and understanding and self-awareness.

From darkness comes light and from light comes darkness. They are both intertwined in an infinite cycle.

Like a river flowing down a mountain. Seemingly endless and constant.

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