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In the endless pursuit of happiness in our lives. We are often distracted but what we think will bring us happiness but actually brings the opposite.

For example, we believe that with lots of money, we can do anything we want, whenever we want.

And to a degree that is true if the system is set up correctly.

However, if we chase money in order to simply satisfy a belief system of ours then we have a very different experience.

If we go after what we would love in this world for the wrong reasons, then we don’t get happiness.

Fulfilment comes from doing what we love. No amount of money can buy fulfilment.

We can chase it. Sex, holidays, parties, travelling but none of this will bring true fulfilment because it is not in our truth.

What lies in our truth is those things that we love to do without conditions.

Things we would happily do for free rather than being paid for them.

Although, it is ideal to get paid for doing what you love doing. It is ideal to get abundance from doing what we love.

What I mean by doing what we love is perhaps helping people who are struggling in some form in their life.

Perhaps it is looking after animals. Or it could be teaching young children. It could be bringing medical aid to remote villages throughout the world.

It is different for each of us. There is no right or wrong answer. There is no judgement from others.

There is just doing what you love doing that brings you fulfilment.

Doing something that helps you thrive in this world and brings joy and happiness to others.

Doing something that serves your community. That helps raise the vibration and frequency of others.

Brings love to people who are struggling and suffering with their own demons.

Struggling with their mindset as they feel like a victim in their life. Its bringing hope to these people.

Its changing them for the better that makes a big difference. If we consider that we are all connected and some of us are in a dark place.

Then it brings down all of us as a whole.

The more joy, peace and fulfilment that we can bring to as many people as we can, the more it raises the vibration of the whole human species.

All of us benefit. All of feel a little better, a little more positive, a little more hopeful. The world becomes a little bit better to live in.

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