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I am Thanuk. Nice to see you again today. Slowly but surely the war is changing. It ebbs and flows. We have good days and bad days but I think this will carry on for a while. The other side is trying all the dirty tactics. There is a lot at stake including saving earth […]


Man seeks immortality and yet he wastes time every day filling his mind with meaningless junk from his prised distractions. Phones, TV, social media, alcohol and sometimes drugs. Why would you seek immortality when you can’t survive a single day with your own thoughts. In fact, can you survive a single hour. What is the […]


There is a thought process that humans have that relates to them trying to be successful. There is a constant strive and battle to get as much money as possible. For they believe that it is with money that they can then do whatever they want. They think that with money they then have freedom. […]

Do you have a shadow monster?

In the moonlight of a dark night. There lies in wait a man who seeks to harm you. However, as he waits, he is tormented by what he feels he needs to do. He feels he has no other option but to harm another to get what he needs. You see, he is being controlled […]

Understanding the game of life

In the cycle of life on earth, there are things that happen that most cultures of humans do not understand. One of those is birth and death. We celebrate birth but are often torn apart by death. Death is never the end. It is simply a new beginning. And while it is normal and fine […]

How is your human experience?

In the hope of reaching as many people as possible with the information that I bring to you. I would love it if you can share may words to your connections and friends and family. There is a new way of being that is available to all of us. In this new way of being, […]


If anyone wants a no obligation chat or some guidance, please get in touch with me. In the spirit of loving everyone and everything around you. I wish to share with you how in this vibration of love you can conquer your fears. You see, as humans, you are fearful of both success and failure. […]

Take Control of Your Environment

I am Thanuk. I bring good news. The war is starting to go well for us. It has taken many of you around the world to send love into the universe, but this is working and having a resounding effect. Please keep doing this. It costs you nothing but raises your vibration, uses your super […]

What’s Available to You!

On this day, you ponder what is the purpose of your life in this world. You wonder if there are good and evil forces to deal with. You look upon the world and you can choose to see love everywhere or hate and anger everywhere. Do you see the beauty of nature or do you […]

The Secret to Managing Time

At the beginning of time, there was no time. There was just life in the moment. Slowly but surely, mankind wanted to control time. He felt if he controlled time then he could manipulate many other things in his world. He felt he could get more out of life by controlling time. Perhaps slow it […]