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Robert Mugabe loosing grip on power as War veterans attack him!

Having being president of Zimbabwe since 1980, Robert Mugabe appears to be finally losing his grip on power after a group of his staunchest allies denounced him as dictatorial. War veterans described how Mugabe and his allies had ‘devoured the values of the liberation struggle in utter disregard of the constitution’. Zimbabwe’s main opposition party (MDC) […]

Pastor Evan set free

HARARE, Zimbabwe — In a very surprise turn of events, a court in Zimbabwe has freed pastor Evan who organized the largest nationwide strike against the government in nearly a decade, ruling that police violated his rights. Magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe told a packed courtroom that the decision to bring new charges in court against Evan […]

Econet forced to take down Whatsapp?

The one thing that annoys me the most is when people are treated like they’re stupid. As a technical person, what you need to understand is that applications like whatsapp and Facebook etc are all simply based on the internet. All they need is internet access for them to function. For them to not work, […]

A chilling warning to Zimbabweans

I have just seen this message: Dear Patrons of beautiful Zimbabwe it has come to our attention that the following schools and companies are refusing to close for our stay away peaceful campaign.  We understand there are negative comments been made by the heads of these establishments. They are stating their schools in suburbs and […]

Zimbabwe Rebellion 6th July 2016

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH .   6July 2016 REBELLION This message is doing the rounds. Please stay safe. I implore people to not turn to violence or burning anyone’s property as this will not solve anything. Do not go to work tomorrow (Wed 6th of July) as there is a lot of unpredictability in the air. Please be […]

Unrest in Zimbabwe’s capital

Harare hit by Rioters HARARE’s eastern suburbs have been rocked by violent protests that have left hundreds of city-bound commuters stranded as commuter omnibus drivers fought running battles with police over the increasing number of roadblocks, Although there has no been much specific detail, initial reports indicate business in the agricultural town of Marondera, 70 […]

Anal probe

A friend of mine put a post on Facebook about a study at Coventry University involving cycling in a heat chamber and looking at the effects of taking various drinks including ice. Be someone who is always up for a challenge I thought why not so popped an email over. I got a reply from […]

The Bag on my Back: Return to Zimbabwe

Harare – Newly liberated with productive farms and an education system that was the envy of its neighbours, Zimbabwe in the early 1980s was a land of plenty. Within one person’s childhood all that changed. Filmmaker Tapiwa Chipfupa returns to the country of her birth to understand why the catastrophe happened. Guided by a box […]

3-day-old orphaned elephant calf rescued

A 3-day-old orphaned elephant calf — so vulnerable his umbilicus has not yet been sealed — has been rescued after being found nearly unconscious in Zimbabwe. Zuwa with ZEN manager Moses Nzou. (Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery) The tiny newborn, now under 24-hour surveillance at a local elephant nursery, is the youngest calf the Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) has ever rescued. […]