How to deal with conflict

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There was once a time when men were angry and frustrated with the way the world was being run by certain species of powerful extraterrestrials.

They were slaves and they were worked hard. They were beaten and starved. The women and children were punished and suffered as well.

The men were forced to build many temples and other places of worship to the extraterrestrials. The days were long and hard. There was no joy or love in the world.

With all this suffering, something had to change. There needed to be an uprising but the men didn’t know how they would rise up and fight against such a powerful enemy.

One night, an angel appeared to the men. She told them that their power and strength lay in their hearts and their love. When they embraced this power, they would raise their frequency.

And the extraterrestrials would not be able to survive in a high frequency or vibrational environment. They caused suffering because they thrived when there was low vibration everywhere.

When all the people where angry, tired and frustrated and unhappy. They would be in a low frequency. They would not have the resolve to stand up and fight against them.

This was the way that these specific extraterrestrials controlled their slaves. The men listened to the angel but it was very hard for them to imagine loving such a horrible, nasty bunch of ETs.

How were they supposed to love their oppressors. How could they love those that harmed their women and children.

It was very challenging but the men understood that this was the only way for them to win this battle. And so, they began to smile amongst each other.

They began to tell jokes and laugh. The ETs where furious. They lashed out with great brutality.

But the men knew they would have to sacrifice a few of their own for the bigger picture of their freedom. And so they continued to laugh and joke around.

The more they were beaten, the more they laughed. And then, they began to love their oppressors.

It was an odd feeling and very hard to do but they knew deep down that this was the only way forward. And so, they sent love to the ETs.

They sent them unconditional love. There were no conditions and no demands and no expectations. Just love for the sake of love. This raised their frequency automatically.

The ETs fought furiously but they just weakened when they were sent love. There celestial bodies could not cope with a high frequency of love.

And so, in their weakened state, they began to flee. They crawled into their spaceships and flew away. Leaving the earth to the humans.

And so the humans understood that despite all their bravery, muscles, fitness and strength. Their true power lay in their ability to use their heart and send their enemies love.

This would weaken them. It would weaken their resolve and their strength. They would run away in shame and hide away. This power is available to all humans today.

You can always tap into this power when you are in conflict with another human or otherwise. Send your enemies love and you will prevail.

The fight will ebb away as if it never even started. This is your greatest strength. Yes, it is difficult to comprehend and it sounds impossible.

But embrace your power and you will see it work.

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