No One is Coming To Save You.

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There is a fantasy of living a magical life when you are a child. A happy ever after, like all the fairy tales. And yet, as you grow up.

You keep wondering when this magical happy ever after is going to materialise. You eventually realise that the world is not going to give you a magical life on a plate.

But you have to go out and get it. You have to seek you magical life. Take risks and hope they pay off. Find the women or man of your dreams and sail off into the sunset.

But after sunset comes darkness. And if you’re lucky then you’ll see another sunrise.

Some pray to never see another sunrise because of their suffering and lack of understanding of how the world is.

You see, we are sold a lie as children. We are told everything is fair and fun and joyful. We are sold fairy tales which show adversity followed by blissful happiness.

Many of us keep chasing this while trying to work out and understand this world that we have been born into. We imagine this happiness and joyfulness is automatic.

As a child we are generally in a natural state of high frequency. We are full of love for everything around us. We are curious and playful.

But then, slowly but surely as we get a little older, reality kicks in. Traumatic experiences to a young, innocent child change us.

We start to realise that the world is not this blissfully happy place we imagined. Our parents lash out at us due to their own suffering and struggles.

They begin to teach us about all the things that we can’t do. They teach us about fear. We learn at school about our friends different experiences.

Our friends parents getting a divorce and going their separate ways. How confusing and upsetting it is for a friend.

Most of all, as a child you have to deal with these unknown people called teachers. If we are lucky, we get a great teacher. They enthral us with all their knowledge.

All these things that we can learn. All these things that we can make. Excitedly playing with other children during break time. But as we get older, we get different teachers.

And we find teachers that are not as nice. They have suffered traumatic experiences and they are tired and impatient and angry with the world. They take out their anger on you.

They ignore you and shout at you. They tell you that you are useless and incapable. In past times, they used to beat you.

You start to realise that this world is not everything it was sold to you as when you were a young child. Suddenly you have to deal with people and all their problems.

There is not fairytale and happy ending. No sailing off into the sunset. You realise that you have been born into a world full of traumatised people. All who see the world a different way.

All who had had different experiences. Some amazing but some bad. You start to understand that you need a safe place as a child.

This may be at home or if you get beaten and abused at home, then school may be your safe place. If you have good friends and nice teachers. But this may not be the case.

And so as a child, you have no safe place. You don’t feel safe, ever. You realise the world is happening to you and you become a victim of life.

You’re taught that Jesus is coming to save you one day. And so you wait patiently. Suffering in the meantime but knowing that one day everything will change and be amazing again.

But that day never comes. Jesus does not come and save you as was promised. The day that everything changes and gets better seems far distant in the future.

It is like the fairytale where the man is trying to get to the castle. He walks and walks but never gets any closer. This is a metaphor for your whole life.

Trying hard and struggling but never getting anywhere. If you’re lucky, you will have some amazing people around you who will guide you and educate you about the real world and how to thrive in it.

Otherwise, you’re on your own and struggling to work it out. A rollercoaster of fun, joy, trauma, fear and excitement. One day, if you’re really lucky.

You’ll meet a wise man. And they will tell you how it is. They will explain that no one is coming to save you. That you’re on your own. It’s all down to you.

You are the creator of your own life. Not all these people around you, who have been projecting their own life experiences onto you be they good or bad.

The wise man will explain to you that your life plays out according to your choices you make every day. He will remind you to remember when you used to dream of a magical life as a child.

That this is still possible. But you have to go after it. It is not going to be given to you by some magical prince or princess. You are responsible for your own life.

And you have the power to make it great or to be a victim and suffer through every day. You can be grateful for all the amazing things you have in your life.

Or you can focus on what you don’t have. You can be jealous of others who have a big house and fancy car but not know their true circumstances.

You can wish for a high paying job but not understand how miserable and stressed out you would be. The wise man explains that you are the architect of your entire life experience.

You also choose on how to react when anything happens to you. You can find a positive spin or become a victim once more.

You can choose to waste your time on earth with distractions and escapisms. Running away from life experiences. Living in fear of repeating a miserable childhood.

Or you can realise that the power and choice lies within you. Every day is a new day full of new choices, optimism and hope.

Regardless of your circumstances, you have a heart and you can go after what you would love. You can choose to love everything around you as you did as a young child.

You can choose to be in this high frequency. It’s all down to you in this moment right now as to what you would love to choose for yourself and what you would love to create in your life.

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