I am Thanuk. Nice to see you again today. Slowly but surely the war is changing. It ebbs and flows.

We have good days and bad days but I think this will carry on for a while.

The other side is trying all the dirty tactics. There is a lot at stake including saving earth and humanity or not.

We are fighting for you and your species. Your beautiful world. Your ecosystems, animals, insects and birds.

They want it for themselves. They have been watching you for many thousands of years and they see the destruction you cause on your own planet.

They see you squander your lives and the health of your planet for the few to gain wealth and power.

They feel you don’t deserve it and so they want it for themselves.

They know they will thrive here and see earth for the incredible gift of life that she is.

But we are fighting for you. We need you to continue to embrace your super power of love and send this into the universe.

Send love to strangers. All of these small acts of love and kindness raise the whole vibration of the planet.

In a vibration of love, the earth will be untouchable but currently, there is so much anger and hate in your world that this is proving to be difficult at times.

There are many loving families but there are also societies and cultures where they take advantage of others constantly.

They make their lives miserable and unhappy. They turn young thriving humans into traumatised victims.

They go from a young innocent child into a teenager and young adult struggling to work out life and how to survive.

Struggling to understand the world they live in. they have no purpose or direction.

Just memories of trauma. And this is how they live their lives, reacting to what is going on around them.

Lashing out at others and often causing the same pain to others that was caused to them.

Often to their very own loved ones. But there are places of immense love which counteract these beings that live their life of trauma, hate and anger.

Your leaders are weak and confused. They are not in control.

They are too focused on keeping their power than being good leaders and doing what is good for their country or world in general.

They live in fear of losing what they have. They live in fear of being normal like the very people they are supposed to be leading.

They think they are special but the reality is that you are all made equal.

You all have the same abilities. You all of have a heart and are capable of deep love and empathy.

You were all designed to thrive and be happy and joyful and experience abundance.

When something is out of balance then the human cannot experience joy and happiness and fulfilment.

Very little humans operate in the moment. They live in the memories of their past or fear or even excitement of the future.

But they never fulfil their potential because they are not living in the moment.

They are not taking the required action to achieve their goals. They allow their mind to take control and steer them off course.

They blame others and the world for their plight instead of taking responsibility for themselves.

Instead of opening their heart. Nature is your source and will ground you.

It will destress you and put you in the moment. So, my message to seek to operate from your heart.

Do what you love doing. Even if it is one little thing a day that brings you joy.

It could be as simple as hugging your dog or cat for ten minutes. All of these little actions will feed your heart and open it a little more.

Open it to accept more love, to be stronger, to give love. Your heart is like your brain, it is not used to its full potential.

It has so much more to offer you. It is the most powerful part of you.

This is why the ancients would rip out the hearts of others because they thought it gave them more power.

But the heart, like the brain is tied to its host and beats only for them.

It beats for it’s human. It is their power source and yet is only used a fraction of its power.

Like driving a super car on a bumpy, gravel road. So, give your heart a smooth motorway and open her up.

Play and see what you can achieve by coming from a place of love with everything that you do.

Remind yourself in every situation, send love, love is my superpower.

Always choose love over anger, hate or frustration with another.


Man seeks immortality and yet he wastes time every day filling his mind with meaningless junk from his prised distractions.

Phones, TV, social media, alcohol and sometimes drugs.

Why would you seek immortality when you can’t survive a single day with your own thoughts.

In fact, can you survive a single hour. What is the purpose of living forever when you have to spend so much effort in distraction and to escape the very life you seek to last forever.

Even some, in pain every day. Suffering and struggling are scared of death.

Surely death will end all your suffering. The truth is, you are scared of the unknown.

Scared of the darkness. Scared of being alone in death. But this is not the way.

Death is just a new beginning.

Often, the beginning of a whole new life on earth to give you another chance at playing the game of being human.

Of seeing if this time, you can play a bigger game and understand the point of the game is to thrive and have fun and enjoy the experience.

You don’t play a game in order to suffer and endure pain. What is the point.

No, the point is to have an amazing human experience. To experience new things, excitement.

To embrace fear and the unknown. To seek and create things you only dreamed of but never expected to have the power to create in your life.

To travel your whole planet and see different versions of reality all around it.

To experience love. To understand that as a human, your superpower is love and you can use it to do magical things.

To realise that you live upon a tiny spec in a limitless universe. To understand that you are not the only species in the universe.

To understand that your earth has seen many great civilisations, now long gone and disappeared forever.

To realise how little you truly know about your world, it’s history and the universe.

You look at a grain of sand and think you understand everything.

You ignore the rest of the grains of sand that have even more to offer than beyond your wildest imaginations.

There is so much for you to learn, so many problems that need solving in the world.

So many ways that you can serve your species and yet, you live in distraction, trying to escape what is real in life and yet hoping to live forever.

There are so many experiences and so many levels to this game of life that you don’t even know about, let alone try and play for.

You see yourself as incapable, unworthy, un-validated and so on and yet your life in itself it a miracle. Your complex body, your planet and your universe.

The animals, insects, spiders and birds. Nature in all her raw beauty. Everything is one incredible gift to you.

And you not only squander it and try and find a way to let us pass you by but you want it to last forever as well.

It’s like living under a rock, happy and content. Nothing changing. Fearing what lies beyond your rock.

Sometimes, unhappy under your rock and yet still fearful of what lies in the unknown.

Imagining that everything is bad rather than that everything is exciting and an adventure and a game.

Just another level of the game for you to explore and experience. Life is a game and a gift.

Do not spend your life on level one. Do not enjoy the fruits of other people’s genius.

Find your own genius and create your own life. Play your own game.

No one is stopping you but yourself. Your own fear and resistance. Really, when you really think about it, most of the time you actually have nothing to lose but a huge amount to gain.

So go wild, explore, experience, work hard and play harder. Don’t live in distraction.

Embrace what real life is all about. Embrace fear. Embrace the game of life.


There is a thought process that humans have that relates to them trying to be successful.

There is a constant strive and battle to get as much money as possible.

For they believe that it is with money that they can then do whatever they want.

They think that with money they then have freedom. They can retire from working, they can travel the world.

They can buy anything their heart desires. The problem with this thought process is that it overrides what your heart truly desires.

What happens is that money and the desperate need for money overrides your other emotions.

It consumes you and you either work very hard or even do things untoward in order to get it.

If you look at the big picture of this in play. You will notice how many people end up not living their life at all.

They struggle and suffer in order to try and obtain money by any means necessary.

More importantly, they cause misery and suffering in order to obtain vast sums of money.

If they are good at this endeavor, then they may end up with millions of dollars or other currency in the bank.

The problem is that firstly, enough is never enough. They never say, ok, I am going to get to 1 million or 3 million or 10 million and stop.

Then I am going to change my life, my thought processes completely and go off and do something different.

It is extremely rare for this to happen. When people become obsessed with money then the money controls them.

They do not have a joyful and easy process in order to get it and so money actually starts to represent pain and hardship in their life.

They begin to despise money and yet, they still can’t stop themselves chasing after it relentlessly.

They end up being old, with lots of money but exhausted and sick. They never really get to spend and enjoy the freedom of money that they hoped it would bring them.

Money has corrupted them and left them as a shell of their former self.

Or perhaps they spent their life chasing money in order to fulfil their dreams and hopes but they didn’t make it.

Now they are in the position of also being old, tired and exhausted but without money.

They have spent their life in the pursuit of money but money won the game.

They may have received a lot of money but then lost it all. Or they may end up with lots of money but then end up in jail because they did it illegally.

Now, they have the exact thing that they always feared. Not having freedom.

There are so many different examples of this around the world.

There are also many examples of people who spend their life chasing money and actually have a lot of money but they also live in fear.

Fear of losing it, fear of someone else killing them to get their money. Money is all consuming.

The reality is that in order to really get money and enjoy it is to find a process that you love doing.

Find a way to work and get money that serves your heart and serves humanity.

This is the best way. It comes from a pure place. You are not chasing an ever increasing amount of money to get something else.

You are simply going after what your heart would love you to do every day and getting paid for it.

In this way, you will be fulfilled and content and also open to getting a lot of different sources of abundance like love and time and joy and freedom.

How many people chase money, get lots of it but in that process they completely missed out on their family time.

Their children growing up. Spending time with their loving partner which has now turned into a stale, distant relationship.

There is so much more to life than money. And while money is indeed important to have a quality of life you desire, it is not the only thing.

Everything needs to be in balance. Money should be part of your plan but not your only, all-consuming plan for life.

The message is to follow your heart and get paid for doing what you love doing. In this way, you will lead a more fulfilling life.

You will find your purpose in life, you will serve you species rather than steal from it.

You will serve yourself and bring joy to yourself and your loved ones.

You will spread and bring love into the world rather than people despising you for what you have.

Ready to take what is yours at any point. Do not make money your primary goal.

Chase a fulfilling, purpose led life and the abundance of wealth and other things, like love, deep connections, joy, happiness, fulfilment will all be yours.

Do you have a shadow monster?

In the moonlight of a dark night. There lies in wait a man who seeks to harm you.

However, as he waits, he is tormented by what he feels he needs to do.

He feels he has no other option but to harm another to get what he needs.

You see, he is being controlled by his shadow monster. His shadow monster is ruling his life. It is running the show.

Understanding when your shadow monster is in control can be extremely valuable because it is in the moments that it is in control, when you lose control and things in your life go horribly sideways.

It may be a violent or aggressive outburst. It may be road rage.

It may be that point where you start shouting and screaming at someone who is frustrating you.

You allow the shadow monster to come out and take control of the situation, and it does.

It cause chaos and havoc and if you are not careful and aware and awake, it will do a whole lot worse.

It can change the course of your life. You see there is a shadow monster that lives within each of us.

It is a victim and it loves to lash out at injustice going on around it. It loves to use anger to get what it wants.

It loves to bully others and intimidate them. It loves to get its own way by any means necessary.

It loves to throw it’s toys out the cot and have a strop.

By being aware of when your shadow monster is taking over a situation will allow you to stop and pull back.

Understand that nothing good ever comes from relinquishing control to your shadow monster.

It acts like a spoilt child and a brat. There is one thing that will subdue your shadow monster and send it back to the dark shadows where it is meant to live.

And that is love. In any situation where your shadow monster wants to come out and play its nasty game, remember to raise your vibration to your highest self.

Remember that love is your superpower. Love conquers all. When someone has wronged you, someone hates you, someone wishes you harm and you respond by sending them love.

The situation is defused instantly. Love is stronger than hate. It is like water to fire.

And you only have to imagine sending love. There is nothing more to do than that.

Imagine sending love to whoever your shadow monster wishes to attack. Your shadow monster will shrink away, for it cannot survive in an environment filled with love.

And for the person you send love to, they will be confused for their anger and aggression will suddenly dissipate.

When you feel yourself getting angry, you feel your frustration rising and boiling up. Take a moment to recognise where you are.

Take a moment to instead of lashing out and allowing your shadow monster to take control, to instead feel love.

Feel empathy and compassion. It is within this moment that you evolve as a human being.

You become better at managing difficult situations and conflict. This alone will help you lead a happier life.

You will create less trauma in your life and for others that come into contact with you.

You will be in control of your life and you will create a life you want rather than being controlled and having to navigate the consequences of your shadow monsters actions.

When you feel it trying to rise up, think of something beautiful like a waterfall.

Remember a beautiful moment in nature or with a loved one. Then engage your heart.

Understanding the game of life

In the cycle of life on earth, there are things that happen that most cultures of humans do not understand.

One of those is birth and death. We celebrate birth but are often torn apart by death.

Death is never the end. It is simply a new beginning.

And while it is normal and fine to miss someone who has died, the reality is they continue their life in a different realm.

They are often reborn back onto earth if they wish or they simply live this different life in another place.

There is nothing to fear about death. It is simply the end of your current human experience. It has no more meaning than that.

While many people fear death and fear the death of their loved ones, every single creature is made up of energy.

This energy, be it in a human to give it’s body life or in a rabbit, a squirrel or an elephant. It is all the same process.

Even a tree that is hundreds or years old or an insect that is only a day old. They are both reborn and their energy continues its existence.

Or perhaps they advance into a different realm where they become a tree or an insect there.

Life is a continuous cycle. Energy never dies. Once the energy leaves it’s host body, the body is just an empty shell.

It has no further meaning or use. The life giving energy has moved on to its next destination.

This should be a joyful experience. A exciting journey of discovery and wonder as to what the next stage of the cycle will be for you.

The reality is that our life giving energy or our soul has lived many many thousands of years.

It has had many, many lives. All in different realms and in different guises.

I wish to explain this to you because often a death in a family or a loved one often has very detrimental effects on the humans that remain alive on earth.

By understanding that their loved one is simply on their next stage, their next cycle of life somewhere else.

Or reborn as a different person in a different part of the world in a different time.

It is sad for you that they are no longer by your side but they are not suffering.

They are not in pain. They are simply somewhere else having a different experience.

Of all the experiences and lives that our soul, our energy experiences, the human one is often the toughest for a lot of us.

It is very different to our others forms of life. It is very real, very raw and often dangerous to the host body.

Dealing with human emotions can be challenging.

Dealing with trauma as a young child and then navigating this throughout the rest of the human’s lifespan can be challenging and self-limiting.

I guess the reality is that it really is a bit of a game. A tough game but a game none the less.

One where you can learn to play and have fun or you can suffer and struggle through the game due to lack of skill and understanding.

Some may thrive during their human experience and be very successful and have an impact on human society overall.

Make massive changes to humanity. Others may simply slip through life, almost unnoticed, not making waves or changes.

Not getting involved fully into the game but trying to be safe and indeed, completely missing out on the human experience available to them.

Others play the game doing the wrong thing. Working countless hours in order to try and be successful but really just missing out on all the fun.

Others work out how the game is played. They understand that everything is a clever illusion.

It is a game that you have to play and navigate. Deal with adversity and come out the other side.

Use your brain and your intuition to navigate the game. Learn how money works and that getting it can be fun rather than hard work.

Buying lots of exciting toys and human stuff to enjoy the game even more.

But always understanding to be present, to enjoy the game, to understand that at any point the game may be over.

And that’s ok. It is nothing to fear. You just go off and play another game.

Or you may get to reset and play again. So, the lesson is to learn as much as you can about playing this game.

The goal is to have a great human experience and enjoy the game. To create whatever you would love to.

Whatever your imagination can come up with. And above all, love playing the game. Have fun and be excited. Don’t take anything too seriously.

How is your human experience?

In the hope of reaching as many people as possible with the information that I bring to you.

I would love it if you can share may words to your connections and friends and family.

There is a new way of being that is available to all of us. In this new way of being, we are all thriving and successful and happy and joyful.

We live in our genius and in this genius we are able to operate at our highest self.

It is within this highest self that we truly serve humanity and create a loving environment where we are all the same.

There are not rich and poor, there are not the few leaders taking everything for themselves while trying to satisfy their limiting belief systems.

In this new way of being, we are all equal. We all have abundance and more importantly, we are all using love as our superpower to drive our life.

We are constantly evolving, we are constantly growing and open to learning new things.

We do not live in a life of distraction like drinking and taking drugs and binge watching TV, social media, playing computer games in order to distract ourselves from the demons in our head and life in general.

We miss out on so much when we spend a life ruled by distraction. We are often being brain washed by what we watch on our screens.

Subconsciously being slowly destroyed internally and distracted. The earth is a natural place of nature.

There is so much abundance of beauty in this world of ours. There is so much to see.

There is so much to be consciously grateful for. We do not need to seek distraction, we should be seeking a fulfilling and beautiful life.

We should be seeking to have the best human experience we can.

We should not seek suffering and pain or seek to push our pain onto others. We should seek an abundance of everything that is beautiful in this world.

We should seek to be in our highest vibration at all times for it is within this vibration that that we are not tormented by little things that happen to us during the day.

They slide off our worrying minds like it never happened. We choose what we focus on because this is what creates our reality.

Everything is an illusion. Everything that happens to us in our life is what we have created.

We have to dream big, expanding our thinking and our imaginations and go after the biggest, most illustrious thing we can imagine creating in our life.

Something will bring us absolute joy and love. Something that will truly fulfil us and serve those around us and bring joy and happiness to them as well.

We always have to follow our heart. Our heart truly knows what will make us happy and bring us peace.

The more people in this world that live in their genius, the better the human experience will be for everyone in the world.

Just imagine, everyone working at their highest self. Present and concentrated when they do their work and providing an incredible experience to everyone else they come into contact with.

They provide a great service. It is unconditional.

Others can either respond and buy what they are providing and revel in having a beautiful experience in the process or they can chose to have a miserable experience with someone else who operates from a low vibration.

They make mistakes, they don’t care about what they do, they are not invested in providing a great experience to those they come into contact with.

This way, when others have a bad experience, then they get to complain and be a victim.

They get to collude with others and concretise the bad service they always get.

This becomes their focus in life and in this way, they develop a poor human experience for themselves and everyone they come into contact with.

There is so much more available to you in this world and a way of living our life. A way where you focus on achieving end results.

A way where you do not seek to be constantly distracted from living your life.

But you seek pure joy and happiness. You care and seek deep connections with those around you.

You seek to constantly be the best version of yourself, operating at your highest frequency.

Putting love as your primary vibration to deal with everything in your life.

This is truly your secret to a quiet mind and silencing those demons in your head that plague you in moments of silence. That plague you when you try to sleep.

Being in that vibration of love, sending love to anyone who you feel has wronged you in your life will bring you this peace.

Feel you heart expand, choose to love everyone you come into contact us.

Choose this new way of being in your life and the rewards will be way beyond your current imagination. The world is yours.

Find and embrace the beauty it offers to you. Seek to have a dancing heart. Seek purpose and fulfilment.

Seek to make your life easy and joyful. Seek to be healthy and fit and able.

Seek to give to others and bring joy to them. Seek to receive love and other forms of abundance that are on offer to you in this life.

Seek to have the best possible human experience you can in this lifetime.

Be aware of what you are focusing on in your life. This will create your reality and how you see the world every day.

Seek to be the best version of yourself, living in your highest vibration every day.


If anyone wants a no obligation chat or some guidance, please get in touch with me.

In the spirit of loving everyone and everything around you.

I wish to share with you how in this vibration of love you can conquer your fears.

You see, as humans, you are fearful of both success and failure.

Imagine if a small bird like a Robin, was fearful of rejection when his whole purpose in life is to find a mate and reproduce in order to continue on his species.

If he was fearful of finding a mate of being good enough to build a suitable nest and so on then he would fail in his purpose on earth.

If his whole purpose was to thrive but he was fearful of thriving then he would simply cease to function.

If others picked up on his fear and joined him and colluded with him, i.e. agreed that indeed this fear was justified then it wouldn’t take long for their whole system to collapse.

The females would be wondering what on earth is going on. They need males to reproduce and bring up their young.

Teach them to fly, feed and thrive in their own right. When you introduce fear into this equation, it simply breaks down and before long, there will be no new generation of Robins.

For a start, there is limited time, they cannot breed in the winter because the chicks will die from cold.

They don’t have time to deal with their thoughts and feelings as they come into spring.

They have a job to do. In the same token, humans have all these beliefs that hold themselves back.

They go into fear mode and they stop creating their life. They become a victim.

They collude with others who confirm that they are indeed a victim. This is a low vibration of energy.

At the end of the day, everything is energy. At a high vibration of energy, you are operating from your highest self, you are thriving and being the best version of you.

In a low vibration, nothing works, there is pain, suffering and misery.

The irony is, it is all a choice of which vibration you choose to be in. awareness is key of how you are being and how you are acting and what vibration you are currently sitting in right now.

As soon as you are angry or hateful of another being or situation, your vibration drops.

You become a victim of your circumstances and then things happen to you.

You are not creating a life you would love to live. You are not in control.

Once again, the irony is that this is all a choice. You may sit back and look at your life and circumstances and wonder how any of it is great.

How can you possibly get what you would love when everything around you is so hard and difficult.

The answer is that by making a conscious decision to raise your vibration, to fill and expand your heart space.

This will immediately change how you feel in this moment right now.

As soon as you see yourself, not as a victim but as a creator then your circumstances will change. Negative self-talk.

Beating yourself up in your head. This all lowers your vibration and puts you in victim mode.

You feel sorry for yourself. You speak to others and share your plight and they agree and even try out plight you.

Their life is worse than yours. It becomes a competition to who is suffering the most.

You subconsciously begin to create even more misery for yourself so that you can win the competition the next time you speak to your friend.

You may have a car accident or an illness. When you understand that you are responsible for everything that you create in your life.

Especially all the shit. Then you can come to understand and realise that you can create a life you would love instead.

You move into a high vibration. You make a conscious choice to not create disaster or illness in your life.

Most importantly, you set the structure in your life to ensure these things do not happen to you.

Structure is the crucial thing to understand. It is the backbone. If you do not maintain your car and your tires are worn out and you have an accident.

You have created this because you did not create the structure of having a reliable and safe car.

You can’t manifest having a safe journey when the structure behind your manifestation has no integrity.

You jump into a car with slick, worn out tyres and expect to get to your destination without having an incident while it is pouring with rain.

You have to take responsibility for what you wish to create in your life. This means, don’t test the system by not taking responsibility for the whole process.

Don’t arrive at the airport without your passport and think they are magically going to let you board the plane.

And then become a victim and shout and scream because they won’t.

Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t eat junk food all the time and expect yourself to magically be fit and healthy.

You have to create the structure of being fit and healthy by eating good food and exercising consistently.

In fact, your body is literally a mirror image of your health structure.

Creating a life you would love involves taking the right actions to setup the structure to make it all possible.

Being aware of the fear that will try and hold you back, that will tell you that you are not worthy and incapable.

You are not good enough. There is no point in trying. All low vibration feelings and thoughts which are in reality not true.

Take action on setting up the structure and the rest will fall into place.

So now, you can go out there and choose to be in a low vibration and be a victim of whatever happens to you during the day.

Or, you can go out there and choose to have an amazing day, in a high vibration of love and creativity.

Take Control of Your Environment

I am Thanuk. I bring good news. The war is starting to go well for us.

It has taken many of you around the world to send love into the universe, but this is working and having a resounding effect.

Please keep doing this. It costs you nothing but raises your vibration, uses your super power and protects your world.

There are many beings out in the universe who wish to help earth develop and thrive into a new way of being.

There are new systems that we wish to teach you to make your civilisation more advanced as with others already out in the universe.

We need your leaders to listen and most importantly to change. To not lead out of fear and selfishness.

But to lead out of wanting everyone to thrive. To lead the strongest people, willing to work, willing to be in this new way of being.

Willing to take action. Willing to want to operate from their highest self.

Do not listen to the small and weak groups of humans who simply shout the loudest.

They are the distraction. They are there to take you off your course and to weaken your society.

They are there for themselves. They operate from a low vibration and from a victim state.

They want everyone else to work hard and give to them what they have not earned.

They want to cause suffering to others because they feel that they have suffered.

They feel they deserve to have everything handed to them without effort on their part.

So be careful who you listen to. Be careful what you entertain yourself with.

Do not be distracted with what goes on in your world that doesn’t serve you.

Be aware of the impact this false and weakening information has on your vibration.

Be aware of the weak who shout out of fear and regression. They do not serve humanity.

They serve only themselves. In your highest vibration of love, you are powerful.

Your goal is to thrive and to serve those around you to help them thrive. Never forget, that your superpower is love.

To be in balance with give and take. To give and receive. Great things will come to you when you are in this balance.

It is important to understand the power of this. It will serve you well and help you truly thrive like never before.

Do not get held back by your past. Take the lesson and move forward. Be aware of what falsehoods hold you back.

The stories you tell yourself which are simply made up from absorbing wrong information.

Take control of your environment. Read and learn and be open minded to a new way of living.

Of loving, serving, being joyful and happy and having fun along the way. The more you give free and unconditionally, the more you will receive in return.

There is no need to be in constant worry for having lack of something. Love, money, friends, deep connections.

Give more freely. Focus always on being in your high vibration. That place where you feel your heart is expanded.

That place where you are not effected by trivial matters. That place where you choose to be happy and friendly rather than withdrawn and fearful.

That place where you choose to love regardless of any perceived consequences.

Do not live in fear but live in excitement of what is possible. Dream and expand your imagination far beyond what you think is possible.

Dig deep into your subconscious and find what it has to offer you. All the answers are there, waiting for you to explore them and be open to receiving them.

A whole new, exciting world and life is just around the corner. You just have to be open to receiving the information and be open to taking action.

To be aware of distraction and how it takes you off your path.

To recognise when you sit, wasting your life away instead of going after what your heart would love you to create in your life.

Take control, listen to the nudges and your heart and take action. Be aware of your fear and resistance and take action anyway.

Most of the time, the worst that can happen is a simple no which has no meaning in reality apart from, ask someone else.

Keep moving forward and follow your heart. Never give up. Never lose faith in your own ability to create a life you would love.

What’s Available to You!

On this day, you ponder what is the purpose of your life in this world.

You wonder if there are good and evil forces to deal with. You look upon the world and you can choose to see love everywhere or hate and anger everywhere.

Do you see the beauty of nature or do you see the anguish of wars.

Do you think most people are bad or are most people good. Do you think the world is full of evil corporations and sex trafficking and drugs and maliciousness.

Of incompetent, self-serving leaders slowly destroying our planet. Always coming up with new ideas which actually make things worse rather than better for the earth.

Or do you focus on what is within your control. How can you make your life better for those around you.

How can you, as a single individual operate from your highest self and serve those closest to you.

How can you make those people that come into contact with you, have a better day because of you.

We can call it serving humanity but really, you only have to start with the few people that you come into contact with.

If enough people all do the same, then it will indeed serve humanity and your world.

If we can just stop and listen to the nudges and what is being asked of us, then we can lead a much more fulfilling and purpose led life.

When you do anything that is not based on any conditions, then it comes from a pure place.

You smile at a stranger as they walk past you and say hello. It takes no effort but just imagine that the person you smile at and say hello to is having a terrible day.

Things are going from bad to worse. They are living in a really low vibration. They are in their victim mode.

They may even be getting to a point where they want to end it all. And you come along and give them a big smile and hello.

This firstly acknowledges them. They feel seen. And secondly you raise both your vibrations straight away.

To a higher vibration of unconditional love. It has no meaning more than that.

A smile and hello does not mean you want to jump into bed with them.

It is simply an unconditional gesture which can has a resounding effect. Or it could have no effect at all, they could blank you completely.

But it doesn’t matter. Still smile and say hello to the next person because you may just turn their dark day into a bright one.

And really, you have nothing to lose. Moving forwards, living out your purpose in life will serve your community and ultimately humanity.

It is discovering your gifts and talents and taking action to live in that vibration.

That feeling of being fulfilled is as I have mentioned before like no other. It is deeply satisfying to a human being.

You feel useful, purposeful and most importantly you feel like you are making a difference to the world.

Do the work to discover your purpose. There are many meditations and modalities available to help you find this.

Ultimately, it comes down to tapping into your subconscious which has the answers for you.

It takes a bit of effort and will to completely change your life but considering it is the most important thing you can do, why wouldn’t you.

Why wouldn’t you want to discover, regardless of your age, the reason you are on this planet.

Why would you not wish to seek that sense of fulfilment and love. To operate from your highest self, to find and live in your genius.

To serve those around you for the greater good. What could be more important than that. To have better and more loving relationships with your partner and kids if you have any.

Even to have a more loving and deeper connection with your friends and family.

There is simply so much more on offer in this world than you realise. This is so much more love and joy.

We are trained and brain washed in our school system to only think a certain way which ultimately only serves the few and not humanity as a whole.

I cannot express just how much you could be missing out on.

And the amazing thing is, that everyone benefits and everyone wins the more people that live their life in this way.

That seek and find their purpose. That choose to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around them.

There is a new way of being available to you. You just have to choose to seek and find it and live it. Remember always that love is the secret.

The Secret to Managing Time

At the beginning of time, there was no time. There was just life in the moment.

Slowly but surely, mankind wanted to control time.

He felt if he controlled time then he could manipulate many other things in his world.

He felt he could get more out of life by controlling time. Perhaps slow it down or speed it up.

The truth and reality is that time is relentless. Regardless of what is going on in the world, it continues.

If you are healthy or sick or dying or being born, it’s all irrelevant to time.

But what it does do is take our focus away from the moment because we are always thinking about what time has passed and what we are going to do in the future.

On a Friday, we are excited for the weekend but on Sunday, we are already dreading Monday.

If we lived in the moment more then it wouldn’t matter what day it was.

We wouldn’t be panicking about what we have to do on Thursday or Friday when today is only Monday.

It skews our whole reality. We’re constantly thinking about another moment in time rather than this moment right now.

In this moment we can choose to feel love. We can choose to spread love out into the universe.

We can choose to feel happy and joyful.

We can realise that if we choose to, whatever happened to us in our child hood, or ten years ago or even yesterday is in our past.

If we choose to, it won’t affect this moment right now. We can choose how we react to meeting someone for the first time.

We can choose to smile at strangers as we walk past. We can choose to smile at the next stranger despite the fact the previous one ignored us.

We can essentially choose to live in our truth and be ourselves regardless of how others react to us.

Any negative incident that happens to us in our day is a chance to maintain our higher vibration and not let it sink down and ruin our entire day.

We’re driving along and someone almost crashes into us but we avoid it.

Do we get angry, do we now think that every other motorist on the road is an asshole.

Do we complain bitterly to our companion sat next to us for the next hour.

Do we complain to whoever we are going to meet. This is all a low vibration and we spread this low vibration around us.

We collude with others and we all agree that all motorists are assholes. Expect us of course.

Now imagine in the split second that the incident is over that it is forgotten. You continue your journey. You don’t even mention it to anyone.

You don’t let it affect your mood or vibration. It’s happened, it’s in the past. It’s irrelevant.

Imagine how you can deal with the many other small incidents that happen in your life in this way.

If you find yourself sinking into anger and collusion. If you find the incident playing over and over in your head.

You have a secret weapon. Rather than getting angry and fearful of what may have happened.

Rather than having multiple imaginary conversations with the unknown person who almost hit your car. Simply send them love.

They’re probably more freaked out than you. They’re probably suffering in some way and were distracted in the world of self-created turmoil which is why they nearly drove into you.

When you send them love, you maintain your higher vibration. You let go of anything you make up regarding the incident.

You send them good vibes to help them deal with their day. You send them love to help them in their life and dealing with their problems.

You get rid of any tension or aggravation. Because once you send love, there is nothing more to do.

Love will always conquer the situation and dissipate any negative energy around it.

The incident will have no energy and therefore no effect on your future self.

This is the best way to control your time. Managing your energy and always going for the highest vibration you can be in.