How To Use Your Intuition

The toughest thing to do in the moment of a crisis or in panic and frustration and anger is to stop. To stop and trust yourself that you can and will come up with a solution if you just stop and let your intuition take over.

Your intuition has all the answers but it can only get through when the mind is quiet so that you can hear it. When you are in turmoil and your brain is going crazy, remember, that your true power in that situation, whatever it happens to be, is to quieten the mind.

This involves centring yourself, putting your focus in the centre of your head. Simply allowing yourself to focus on a single point and to let all the myriad of other thoughts and feelings wash over you. Acknowledge and let them go and keep your focus.

Let your intuition take control of the situation and find a creative way out of your predicament. This may be an emergency type of scenario or it could be losing a loved one or losing your job or just having a panic attack about something.

It is in these moments that you need to pull yourself up, swim to the surface so that you can breathe. So that you can stop drowning in all your thoughts and feelings which are essentially all made up.

They are not based on fact, they are based on your perception of the current situation. How many times have you judged a situation and think something is going on when the reality is, when you find out later, that actually, something totally different was going on.

That is because we make it all up and our reality is based on a very clever illusion. When we stop our racing mind and choose not to focus on all these thoughts and feelings flying around like a tornado in our head, then we can allow our intuition to come to the fore.

Our intuition is not logic. It is not reason. It is a part of us that answers first when we ask a question of it. It is the first response before our ego and logic trying to kick in and answer the question a different way.

A way based on our belief systems that have kept us small all our life. Belief systems that were created as a child and that we have never shed but still live by them, many years into adulthood.

Sometimes, into our seventies and eighties, we still live and act like a child. Stamping our foot to get attention, throwing our toys out our cot when we don’t get our own way.

And above all, believing that we are incapable or not worthy or not good enough and so on. It’s because we listen to these thoughts and live by our ego that we struggle in life.

We have not taken responsible for our life, we have not taken responsibility for everything that we have created in our life. We are a victim.

Everything has happened to us. Ever notice how, when people do really bad things to others and they get caught, that they are always the victim in the scenario.

They never admit and can’t even fathom that they have hurt others and even destroyed other people’s lives and their families. They did what they thought they had to survive and they hurt many others in the process.

And when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, oh wow. Its not their fault, life is hard, it’s me or you. The excuses will continue into eternity.

They will never take responsibility and they will feel sorry for themselves. They are firmly in victim mode. Life will be infinitely better for you when you catch yourself being a victim and switch into creator mode instead.

In creator mode, you go after what your heart would love to create. In this terrible situation right now, that you have unconsciously created, what would your heart love.

What outcome would you really love. The more clear you can be on what outcome you would love, the more you put your focus on this outcome, the more likely you are to create this for yourself.

The outcome doesn’t have to be logical but it does have to come from your heart. That’s the rule. Go for what your heart would love. Do no harm to others, be that a tree, a squirrel or another human being.

Remember always, that love is our superpower. Go for what you love regardless of our crazy or impossible it feels at the time. Step into the unknown. Look for what is unknown.

That is how you will grow and thrive. One more thing, make it easy and playful. Don’t be serious. Don’t try and force your outcome. Make it easy and playful and fun.

Have fun getting that outcome that comes from your heart.

The Quiet Lesson

There was a time, when all the planets aligned for a brief moment in history. A very unusual event that only happens once every few hundred years.

You can see the plants as a path of bright stars all in a row, like a stairway to the universe or heavens. The ancients knew that when this happened, that something special was about to happen.

They didn’t know what but the frequency of the earth would change during this event. The frequency would rise up to an astonishingly high level.

The ancients would feel the energy shift. Even the animals around the earth would sense this change and they would become nervous and skittish. They didn’t like the change but the ancients were intrigued.

For it was during this time that they developed super powers. They could heal themselves of any ailment, they would have immense strength and incredible clarity.

It truly was like a pathway to the heavens had opened up and they had direct access to God himself and all his power and wisdom.

They would literally become more intelligent while this highest frequency was in play. It would only last for about 24 hours but in this time they could accomplish a lot.

They would find solutions to problems, like how to get water from the river to their whole field of crops. How to use donkeys to pull a barge along a river.

How to stop water leaks in the boats and so on. They would have immense flashes of inspiration that allowed them to advance as a whole civilization in only a single 24 hour period of time.

They had to act quickly and make notes and drawings of the inspiration and wisdom they received. This alignment of the stars was written in history, as well as when it would occur next for their children’s children to be aware of the event and take advantage of it as they had.

But these scriptures where lost when to fire and war and so, it was a surprise when the event happened again and unless anyone knew what it was and how to take advantage of it, the knowledge and wisdom and clarity was lost once again for another few hundred years.

They would miss the opportunity to advance their civilization. It was all about awareness and their deep connection to the stars and the universe as a whole. Those that learnt to talk to the stars would receive this guidance so that they could be prepared for when it happened again.

There was a very big celebration as the time approached. Many sacrifices where made and many psychedelics consumed to get even more clarity and advice and wisdom from God.

Interestingly they understood that if they consumed wine, they would pass out and completely miss the most important event of their lifetime.

There was no second chance. If they missed the opportunity then it would not return during their lifetime or even the lifetime of their children.

What was taught was that it was important to learn from the stars and the universe, to have a deep connection to the universe and to nature.

To not be distracted and to practice silence and accept the guidance. They learnt that actually, they didn’t need to wait for the planets to align for this gift was always available to them.

It wasn’t even about meditation, it was simply about being quiet and listening. This truly helped them get advice which helped them in their life and aided their civilization to advance thanks to the wisdom received.

From Boy To Man

And finally the time came for the warrior to head home to his family. He was but a young teenager, sent out by himself into the wilderness to prove that he was ready for manhood.

He had to hunt, shelter and find water for himself during the five days. He had to protect himself, not only from dangerous cats and other beasts but also his fellow brothers who were sent out on the same mission.

It was fair game if they came across one another to steal each other’s food and shelter if they could. The warrior knew that there was some animosity amongst his brothers for he was the chief’s son.

He knew, they would not just steal his food or shelter if they found him, for they would kill him to stop him becoming the new leader of the tribe when the time came.

The others wanted to prove above all else that they were worthy of being leader and that they were stronger and more resilient than him. But he knew that he was more cunning and thoughtful.

He knew the ways of the forest and the universe. He understood the rules of surviving and thriving and of love. He would send them love which would blindside them and keep him hidden from his enemies.

This was their last opportunity to get rid of him for once he was a man and back in the village, there would not be another occasion where they could challenge him.

He would be treated and respected as a man and as the son and rightful aire to his father, the powerful leader of the tribe. He also knew, deep in his heart that it was not an automatic right.

He still had to fight for those five days in the wilderness. The fathers of the other young boys vying to become men would have told them that if they ever wanted to lead the tribe, then this was their last opportunity.

They would have to hunt him down and kill him and then pretend nothing had happened and they didn’t know where he was. They would bury his body under large rocks or make sure a hungry beast would find and devour him leaving no doubt what had befallen him.

If he did not return, it would weaken his father’s position and put him in a difficult situation knowing in the face of the tribe that he had a son that was not up to the standard he should have been.

He had not proved himself to be a great teacher and had let his child die. And so, the young warrior knew what was at stake but he also knew he had all the skills he required to thrive by himself in the wild forests and mountains.

Firstly, he would run far, at least for a day. The others would not expect him to be so far away for they would stay as close to the camp as possible without being seen but for the sense of safety that it offered.

They knew that if they were attacked or things went horribly wrong and they cried out, someone would come and save them. They also understood that they could practically guard the camp from our young warriors return.

It would be a bit like running the gauntlet to get back home. Again, our young warrior was more cunning that his brothers, proving again his worth as a future leader. After running for a day, he would make camp close to a stream.

He would hunt and eat berries that would be more than enough to sustain him over the next three days. Then, he would run back again but he would circle around the whole village and approach from the rear where he was not expected.

A big fire would be made for their return at sunset. There would be much celebration for the ceremony of the boys becoming men. When they became men, they shed their boyhood.

They were treated as men, expected to go on hunting parties, to protect the tribe, especially the woman and children. They would fight for the tribe and choose a mate and create a family that they would be responsible for.

They would also be responsible for their own life, there was no more mothering or fathering once they became a man. Their childhood was over and they had proved they were now capable of being a strong and wise warrior.

However, it was no guarantee that all of them would survive and return to the camp. Or some would return injured, perhaps a day or two early. This was the ultimate shame.

To fail the test of manhood. They would have another chance to prove themselves in six moons time otherwise, they would be banished and would surly die out in the wild by themselves, especially if they had proven themselves to be incapable.

It was hard but fair. The tribe needed strong warriors to hunt and protect them, they could not carry anyone who was not useful to them. The world was too dangerous for that.

And so, our young warrior carried out his plan. He saw his other brothers waiting for him, hiding in the tall grass and amongst the trees. But he circled past them, smiling to himself and he entered the camp from the rear and came upon the waiting crowd, confident, healthy and strong.

A broad grin crossed his fathers face as he saw his son, a man for the first time. He had excelled himself and his family. His father knew he had taught him well but there was still a glimmer of relief when his son strode into the firelight.

There was much rejoicing and slowly the other young men realised they had missed their opportunity and came back into the camp as well, as men.

They knew that their future leader had proven himself the best of them and they were proud. They rejoiced in the fact there tribe’s future was in good hands for the sons leader was just as good as his father.

Saving Mankind

Gerogia, a light warrior who has lived over a thousand lifetimes and has the wisdom of a god and the heart and spirit of a warrior. He was one of the first to recognise the threat that man poses to the earth he lives upon.

The threat that mankind furiously destroys the limitless nature of the earth. The destroyer of ecosystems. The killer of beats and animals and nature alike without remorse or care or thoughts of consequence.

Gerogia could see the damage been done by the humans and knew that unless he warned them, God would rain down fire upon the earth as he has done before to wipe the earth clean of hate, suffering, misery and anguish.

God knows full well the healing power of the earth and her ability to revive after the harshest of winters or the biggest firestorms. The earth will always find a way to not only survive but rebirth new life once more upon her sands and mountains and oceans.

There will always be a rebirth and new life however, Gerogia knows full well the pain this not only causes God that he has to take this action but everything that lives upon the earth has to go through this pain of being (violently for some and slowly for others) inevitable death so that a rebirth may occur afresh.

Fresh from the past. A new species of man, once again connected to the earth, to nature and to the stars of the universe. A new man that experiences limitlessness once more. He will be reborn into a wild, vast world.

One that will need to be rebuilt from scratch that will take many thousands of years once more. In this time, the earth will grow stronger once more.

She will provide sustenance for the new species that follow so that they may thrive as intended. There will be a new way of being. This will follow how our ancient ancestors once lived. In harmony with each other and with nature.

Grateful for everything they are provided with by the earth. Committed to maintaining the ecosystem. Committed to living well, to thriving, serving one another and serving God once more. New civilisations will spring up once more from nothing but the people will be equal.

They will not be corrupted by greed nor power. They will not bully the weak, they will teach them to be strong. They will not take advantage of the poor, they will teach them to be rich. They will not destroy for the sake of destroying.

They will give before they take. They will serve before receiving reward. They will grow more trees before cutting down what is there. They will feed the fish before taking only enough to feed themselves and their family.

This will be the new way of being. Gerogia is confident that he can teach mankind of today to be this way and in doing so prevent a cataclysmic event and the resulting rebirth. He believes mankind can be saved if he will just listen and take heed and action.

He has faith in mankind will make big changes to save itself. To recognise the error of it’s way. To banish the evil ones that refuse to change. To educate those suffering with hate and fear and anger and get them to see they really have nothing to fear but their own minds.

That there is hope for them if they just open their hearts and learn to love everyone and everything around them. The man who loves only his family is not loving. He must love nature, the trees, the seas and oceans.

The animals, the birds, the snakes and spiders, the whales and porpoises. Everything deserves to be loved, including his fellow man on the other side of the world, embroiled in suffering, of a different culture and colour but no less a man than he.

All are equal, all must thrive and all must love one another. Replace anger with love. Replace hate with love. Become aware of themselves, their actions and what is going on in the world around them.

Become conscious of their subconscious and the wisdom it holds for them. Become useful. Become caring and kind to all organisms on this earth for we all have a right to live on earth equally. We all deserve to thrive whether we are human or an ant eater or a blue tit.

When we go for this way of life, God will be pleased and he will love us and he will know, Gerogia was right, mankind can indeed be saved.

The Way Of The Ancient Tribes

A band of ancient warriors struggle through the night to get back to their home in the hills with the multitude of caves that they all live in.

They have been in a tough fight where they lost many of their brave brothers. Many are injured as they help one another and support each other to get back home to their families and loved ones. It has been a hard fought battle over many days and nights.

They are exhausted and hungry. They fought many other brave warriors and then were attacked by a huge brutish bear as they left the battlefield.

There was no victor in the fight but it was either leave or each man would have fought to the death and there would be no one to return to the caves.

They were all brave warriors but they were not stupid. They had made a good account of themselves and proved their warrior spirit and bravery but the fight was over and they all had to head back.

On the way, they encountered the 8 foot, angry, hungry bear. They once again had to use all their skills and cunning to protect themselves and fight for their lives once more.

There was never any rest. Just a constant fight for survival. Even after they scared off the bear eventually, they had to drag their weary bodies over rocky ground, deep rivers and high mountains.

Over snowcapped peaks and down treacherous slopes. One thing the warriors would never do was to give up. They would fight until their last breathe was taken from them.

It would never be willingly surrendered. They protected their brothers with their life if necessary. They would fight to the death for their families and their tribe.

The survival of the tribe was absolute but so was the warrior spirit. They had to prove their strength and bravery on this earth in order to transition to the next world.

They had to be loyal and faithful and useful to the tribe. Death would come swiftly to any who did not live up to the standard. Their powerful leaders blade was swift and true for any weakness that put the tribe in jeopardy.

The women, the bearers of new life, the keepers of the peace and the ones who nurtured the young ones, were to be protected at any cost. The women were capable in their own right. But there job was not protection but to nurture.

And so it came to be, the way of the tribes. Only the strongest survived and thrived. They had to use all their powers and skills and talents just to stay alive.

They would all need to contribute to the success of the tribe or they would not eat. They would need to find their genius and serve their tribe from a young age.

They would venture out into the wild as a young boy or girl and seek guidance from the stars and the spirit animals who would share with them their purpose.

With passion and love they would live out their purpose and be supported and loved by the rest of the tribe. They would transition from child to adult in this process and take responsibility for their own life and those of the tribe.

They would receive abundance in many different forms, love, food, fire, warmth and comfort. They would be fulfilled by their service that made their heart sing.

They would be joyful and happy but they would not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones if the time ever came.

They had to be tough and they had to learn many skills but with their deep connection to the universe and to nature and their understanding of being grateful for everything they received from her, they thrived.

They would spend the time to save a sick tree or one covered in strangling weeds. For this small deed, they would be repaid tenfold by nature herself.

Even though they had to fight other brave warriors and large, dangerous beasts, they never forgot that their true strength lay in their ability to love.

Love and pray for the beast that wanted to kill and eat them, love their enemies, love the animals that allowed themselves to be killed for food. They learned that when they loved everything, life was actually much easier.

It was less hard for whatever was thrown at them, they loved and appreciated and learnt any lessons that came their way from tough situations.

They grew as a person and as a spirit. It didn’t matter when they died for it was clear that it was their time to transition to the next world. They would feel the loss but they would also rejoice for their loved one had earnt the right to move on.

They would celebrate the life of their loved one, however long or short and know, deep down that they would be looked after in the next world.

And that they would once again be reunited when their time came. Until then, they would serve and thrive and appreciate the gift of a joyful life.

Learning from Mistakes

There are good people in this world and then there are good people that do bad things and then there are bad people that do good things.

It is difficult to tell them apart sometimes. Humans beings by their very nature are not perfect. We all make mistakes at one point or another.

What is important as a human being is to learn from these mistakes and not make the same mistake more than once. Everything that happens to you is a lesson.

There is always a lesson to be learnt. This is how it works. If however, you do not look or find the lesson then it is likely you will make the same mistakes again.

However, the results will be worse the second time and the third time. Often, humans get stuck in patterns and repeat these mistakes many times over.

Great awareness is important to identify these repetitive patterns so that you can stop them in their tracks. Also be aware that some patterns are generational.

This means that there may have been a problem with your grandfather and then your father had the same problem and now you do as well.

With awareness, you can be the one to break the cycle and stop it passing on to your children. Be aware as well, that any of these patterns are breakable.

If you are stuck in a pattern, you always have the power to step into your creative spirit and choose a different path. Never be a victim and succumb to the pattern because you believe you are powerless and it is in your nature.

It is only in your nature for as long as you choose to let the story play out. Take control, be aware and choose to consciously break the pattern.

It could be drinking or bad relationships. Remember as well that you are responsible for creating it all. Understanding this is very helpful because it confirm that you have the power and the control to change the habit or pattern or what is essentially a mistake.

In order to change, you have to be focused on what you would really love in your life. Never focus on what you don’t want for you always get what you focus on.

If your focus is on not having enough money then you will get more of not enough money. If you focus is on why your relationships always fail, you will get more failed relationships.

This applies to many other patterns. It could be alcoholism or drugs. In order to gain awareness of what is going on in your life and what patterns and stories are running on destructive repeat, you need to give yourself the space.

The space to stop running around in life, worrying and panicking about everything. You need to give yourself the space to think clearly about what you would really love to have in your life.

Be in nature and away from any technology or other distractions will give you this space to think. It will help you become aware of what is going on for you.

Do not put a time limit on the space you need, do not put any other restrictions on your time in nature. There is nothing to do or nowhere to be.

There is just time and space that gives you the opportunity to drastically improve your life. Making better choices allows you to have a better life.

Choosing better things to focus on will also improve your life. Choose wisely and remember, you are a powerful creator and are solely responsible for your own life.

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Ancient Technology

There is so little we know about the stars and galaxies in the universe. We can surmise what we think is going on but the reality is that everything is so vast that we really don’t know.

What we do know is that the stars and constellations have been steadfast for many millions if not billions of years. We can imagine the dinosaurs looking up into the night star and watching Orion’s belt and perhaps even using it to navigate their way around, just like our ancient ancestors did thousands of years ago.

We also know that our ancient relatives (that we again know very little about), built intricate temples and other megalithic structures that all aligned with the star constellations.

So much is unknown as to how and why they did this. However, I can tell you that life for our ancient ancestors was very different. They lived, just as you and I live here today.

They had advanced technology but it was just very different to the type of technology that we have today. What they had in the past was the guidance of the stars and planets.

They were get information and help from the stars. They would create these structures that would harness the power of certain stars and create an energy that we have not seen or witnessed for many thousands of years.

This was the real power of the stars and planets that they understood and used at that time period. But in today’s world, we have no idea what this technology was and how it was used.

Again, I can tell you that it was more powerful than anything we are using in our modern day. It is still there and ready to be harnessed but we have forgotten the technology.

But it will be revealed again soon and it will bring great joy and hope to mankind. The challenge and the reason the information about the technology has not yet been released is because of how man behaves and the way he is.

You see, there is too much evil in this world. There is too much hate and jealousy and malice. And therefore, mankind does not deserve to understand this star harnessing technology because he will simply misuse it and it will be used as always for the few to gain more power.

Imagine free and unlimited electricity. This is what is available to you. But there has to be change, there has to be a more equal society created. One where everyone benefits, not just the few.

For the world is supposed to be a place of thriving and not suffering, especially the poor. We hope that mankind will not sell something which is free and unlimited but we are not confident this will happen and so for now, we keep this information from you until you can prove that you are capable of serving your fellow human being.

To spread love and joy and kindness. When mankind starts to do this, then there will be rewards that follow. Knowledge of this and many other technologies will be revealed and all will thrive and benefit.

So, focus on being kind, empathetic, giving and be of service to all other beings in your world. And then a new era will be born and it will be incredibly exciting with what you will be able to achieve as a species.

Ancient Civilizations

In the times of the Gods, thousands of moons ago, when vast, megalithic temples were born of the earth and the ancient ones worshiped the Gods to bring good fortune and good weather, mankind thrived.

They had a deep connection to nature and the stars. They understood that there was a way of being that would serve them and appease their Gods.

When their Gods were pleased, then everyone and everything was happy. They practiced love for their Gods and for each other. They practiced love of all creatures in the forest as well as the trees and plants and flowers that adorned the forest floor.

There was great excitement every morning as the sun rose, as they knew it was always going to be a great day. They would kiss the sun good night as she slipped below the horizon and went to sleep for the night.

Replaced by the moon who would look after them as they slept next to their fires and tame wolves. They would speak to the stars and receive guidance and knowledge to help them to continue to thrive and discover new technology.

This technology enabled them to create more advanced civilisations. These were very exciting times. However, as the civilizations grew and flourished, some men couldn’t help themselves and wanted more.

They wanted more because of the unresolved trauma they had faced as children. They tried to resolve these issues by being greedy. Greed took many different forms in those days as it does in modern times.

Above all else, they wanted power. They wanted to be seen as powerful so that they could be recognised by the others in the tribe.

They would manipulate and control others to get what they wanted. They would try and keep the best bits of the kill after a great hunt for themselves and their family. In the beginning, these people were outcast but slowly, these men that were greedy for power prevailed.

They got the power they wanted although it was never enough for they were trying to resolves issues that were unresolvable by the methods they were trying. In those ancient advanced civilisations, it was about serving one another for the greater good and for everyone to be equal and thrive and be joyful and happy.

This fabric was torn apart when the greedy ones began to take over. Sure, some members of the tribe thrived to a great extent but now there was imbalance. Not everyone was thriving. Not everyone was happy and content.

Wars broke out amongst their neighbours. There was much fighting and bloodshed. There was much pain and anguish and suffering and loss. But this was their new way of being and they had to fight or die. They had to learn new skills to survive.

This new way caused more problems but there was no going back. The world and their realities had changed forever. And so it was, the great fighters were revered and gained favour and abundance from the others who they protected.

The Gods sent down beasts from other worlds to punish man but he fought back and came up with new tools and weapons to become stronger. These beasts killed many men, women and children but still man did not change his ways.

The temples were not full anymore for mankind had lost their faith in the Gods. The leaders of the new world wanted to be worshiped themselves and were jealous of the attention the Gods got.

And so it was, that this new way of life was much tougher and more dangerous than ever before because they did not get the protection from the Gods anymore. The Gods punished mankind for his errors with volcanos and floods and earthquakes to try and teach him a lesson.

But man was stubborn. The few that thrived at the top, liked the taste of power and they were not going to relinquish it for anything. And so, new civilizations were created with different rules than before.

Some great civilizations where completely destroyed by beasts and other natural events that threatened their very existence. There was much fighting and arguing and life became very hard for most.

Eventually, with so much death and destruction, God sent down a vast comet which covered the earth in fire, it hid the stars, the moon and the sun for an age.

And then it froze everything in sight and many species including ancient man was wiped from the earth bar a very few survivors. And from these survivors a new world was born and once again, they built temples and prayed to the Gods for good fortune and good weather and all was right with the world once more.

Until, man returned to his old ways and once again it was time for another destruction and rebirth of the earth and a new more evolved species would emerge and thrive and be connected to nature and love everything it was surrounded by and life would be tough but good and joyful and fulfilling.

What is Love?

Today’s message is about love. But wait. It is not about loving your partner or about sex. It is about loving a stranger. Again, not about sex but about giving the unconditional love to a stranger so they get a warm feeling of empathy as they pass you by.

They may be in a bad mood about something or perhaps someone close to them has died recently and they are missing them. Perhaps they have lost their job or one of their parents is very sick.

When you walk past, consciously expand your heart and imagine that you can send this love to any other living thing in this world. Imagine for a few seconds that they need some love in their life and you are there to share some of yours with them.

As a man, full of testosterone and manliness, it is very difficult to imagine such a thing. But the truth is, that for all human beings, our superpower is love. In a world where we share love to one another, unconditionally, just because we can.

We change our frequency. Our frequency raises to a higher level. When we operate from this higher level, we do not notice the trivial things that happen in our life. We do not notice all the distractions available to us every second of every day.

We discover that we can focus like never before. We find that we can put our focus on what we would love. This means that if we would love to write a book or create a podcast or make a movie or do a certain job that fills our heart with joy that this is not only available to us but it is within our grasp.

We find, when we operate from a higher frequency that we can go after these things that will fulfil us and give us purpose. As a human on this earth, we all need a purpose to keep ourselves motivated and keep pushing forward.

To strive to be the best we can be for ourselves, not to try and please others or try and get likes and shares on social media but live in our truth of who we are meant to be.

We all have a purpose on this planet. Every single one of us, regardless of our circumstances. And to get closer to that purpose, we need to understand that our heart and love are two very powerful attributes that we all possess.

You can stand next to a big tree and put your hand on it. Feel it’s deep roots in the ground, feel its strength and its wisdom and its knowledge. Imagine how much it has seen over the last few hundred years that it has been alive.

Most of all, as another living organism, you can feel the power of its love. It loves everything around it. It loves the sunrise and the sunset. It loves the squirrels that play in its branches. The birds that sing songs from its highest outstretched twigs and leaves.

Putting my hand on this powerful being, I am overwhelmed by its love that I almost stagger back. I feel this feeling in my whole body and I know that I am connected to this tree, even if for only a few seconds. We have connected and shared a love of the earth and appreciation for one another being alive.

Gratitude for sharing this brief moment before I continue my walk while she stands there, eternally, guarding the landscape and giving life and love to others for that is her purpose. She is living in her truth.

What is your truth. What is your purpose and what are you doing to seek it and live it.

Hope and Endless Possibilities

In the beginning of time when there was just rocks and volcanos on the earth and no other life, there was a mystical magic about the earth, even in those times when everything was barren and hot and desolate.

And during this time, when the conditions on earth were perfect, began the first stages of microscopic life forms, and there was the beginning of endless hope and possibilities for this world that we call home.

It started from nothing but hope and ended up with giant dinosaur monsters roaming around the planet. And then, their time ended with a bang and in a flash they were all gone.

Once again, the microscopic life forms had to begin a fresh once more. Once again there was hope and endless possibilities and once again life began to flourish.

All sorts of creatures thrived and developed on this ancient earth until more dramatic earth shattering events happened and everything was wiped out or frozen or burnt or flooded. And once again, there was a rebirth of life and it always started very small and it always started with hope and endless possibilities.

And this is the way of our world and we are all part of this world so never forget that when you are struggling or suffering that just around the corner lies your own rebirth.

For you, there is always hope and endless possibilities. There is always a future for you have the power to create for yourself. Never forget, however hard things may be, that there is always hope while there is breath in your body.

And while you have breath in your body then you have the ability to take one step forward, metaphorically or physically. You always have this ability to imagine a bright and joyful future for yourself regardless of your circumstances.

The power is within and you are responsible, no one else. And remember, this is the way of our world, hope and endless possibilities regardless of whatever cataclysmic events happen to her. The cycle is infinite.