In a universe that is limitless, there is no beginning and no end. There is just forever. The universe was created with this in mind and everything within the universe follows the same rules. It is so important to understand that life and death are all part of one long Lifecyle. Both in plants and animals and jellyfish. Death should be a form of excitement as the energy leaves the body it has been in, it moves on to another.

Death precedes rebirth. There is no sorrow in death. Yes, we feel loss because that being has moved on and left us behind but that is the only feeling that is true. We should rejoice in the fact that they have moved on to another world in another body. They have progressed on their voyage of discovery.

The Egyptians, the Incas, the Maya and all the other ancient civilizations understood that death was just the passing onto another world. Some hoped that possessions and other goods could be taken with but this is not the case. The fact is, possessions are simply not required in the next world.

They are not required and they are not important because everything is different. There should be love and joy when someone passes on. Perhaps they are young when they continue their journey or perhaps they are old, it really makes no difference. When the time comes, they will move onto the next world and then the world after that.

It is an endless cycles of lives, just like the limitlessness of the universe itself. You can’t even comprehend a galaxy that exits 23 million light years away, how will you comprehend that life is actually endless. This goes for all species on planet earth. Humans are not unique in this.

Every life form on earth is simply energy and that energy does not just die. It cannot die. The body it lives in may appear dead when there is no energy in it but the life force continues its journey, its discarded body no longer required for the next stage. When you really think about it, it all makes perfect sense.

And if it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, it doesn’t need to. It just is. Always remember that birth and death are natural and both experiences are joyful and loving. It is an endless circle. Appreciate whoever you knew who has continued their journey, be grateful for knowing them when you were together in this world but do not mourn them for moving on.

We see trees and plants every winter, appear to be dead, and yet, in the spring, life returns once more, full of vigour and colour. Do not despair when someone has gone, you will no doubt meet them once again when it is your turn to continue your journey.