The true meaning of life

Today is a good day because you will learn all about the true meaning of life. Something that so many humans yearn to know and understand. The real secret is that life is actually what you make of it. You’re in charge. You are in control. When you notice people who have a lot of financial wealth or perhaps they are an incredible musician. When you look at them, there is very little difference between them and you.


You are both human, generally, you both have arms and legs and all the same body parts, apart from possibly gender. So, if there are no physical differences, why would you not be able to be in the same position as them. It’s because you have not allowed yourself to create that sort of life for yourself. If you just allow yourself to have what your heart desires (what will make you happy and joyful), then you would have the same as these people that you seem to look up to. Every one of us has a genius inside us, we just need to be willing to take the time to find it and nourish it and live it. We all have a gift to offer the world and with that, comes other rewards in terms of abundance in many different forms.


Of course, it is important to realise that financial wealth is not the be all and end all, far from it. It is more important to be grounded and healthy and have a mind that does not torment you. It is important that you chase after what you would love rather than try and validate yourself by chasing after as much money as possible. There may be other forms of validation that you chase, sleeping around is another example. It is also important to do not try and escape from your mind by drinking obsessively or indeed doing anything obsessively. If enough is never enough then you will understand that whatever you are chasing is not pure. It is not what your heart desires. It is either escapism or validation that you are seeking and it is a finish line that simply does not exist.


You can never be validated if you have missed your opportunity as a young child. You have to be comfortable with what’s done is done and move forward. Always move forward with love. Seek out what your gift is, slow down, take time out, relax, breathe and feel what comes to you in these moments of silence and quiet. You can be the richest person in the world and be completely uncontented and unfulfilled. So the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be. You can either unconsciously create drama, misery, sadness, powerlessness or you can consciously create the life you would love to live. Create your big vision from your subconscious and then put all your focus into making it happen.


Be aware of what distractions are about you that pull you away from that life you would love to create for yourself and let them go. Ask yourself, is this really important in my life, will this help me have that life I want to create myself or is it simply a distraction pulling me in the wrong direction. Do not be a passenger on a runaway train, be the conductor driving the train exactly where you want it to go.

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