Core work outs 3 videos to get yourself a monster core

Core work outs 3 videos to get yourself a monster core

Here are a few awesome core workouts you can use to be stronger overall. Most people have a very weak core that cause many other problems. Especially if you train a lot, it is important that you core is strong to support your whole body.

If it is weak then other parts of your body over compensate causing injuries.

The key principle of core strength is the ability to control the spine while moving. The spine contains the central nervous system which controls how efficiently and powerfully we can move our legs and arms which is generally pretty relevant to athletes regardless of what sport you participate in.

So if we lack core strength, we cannot hope to move our arms or legs very well, making something as complex as running for example a very difficult task!

Everyone, regardless of being an athlete or not will benefit from a strong core.

Craig Alexander is a multi World Triathlon champion. Winning the coveted Hawaii Ironman 3 times.  He has been a top pro for many years and is one of the strongest triathletes in the field due to his strong core.

Why be boring and non controversial? Here is a great work out from the guy who was one of Lance Armstrong’s strength trainers. Love him or hate him, drugs will only take you so far. And with everyone else taking drugs, you still have to put the hard work in.

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