A Warning To Thrive

Alexandria is a being many thousands of years old. One of the original 8 who is seeking to restore earth to its former glory. Dedicated to helping and finding channels to serve the human race.

To give these channels information that will help alter the course of the human race and give earth hope and a future without the need of a drastic rebirth process as it was with the ice age, great flood and deadly comet.

They need to show God that man is willing to change and start to thrive rather than continually take from the earth and her resources. Once they can get enough channels feeding information and sharing it and a big enough uptake to effect a change then there will be hope for the planet and everything on it today.

Otherwise, the earths survival will be more important that the human species survival and a catastrophic event will take place which will wipe out everything the humans have built of the last two thousand years.

A weaker human will actually come next, one that cannot take over the whole earth and take all her resources for himself. One that is not the apex predator. In the new world, there will be more dangers for the humans to ensure a more balanced world.

One where the ecosystem shall thrive above all else. There will be much abundance but also many dangers. This rebirth is completely avoidable but the key is that humans begin to realise and understand the importance of living at one with nature and their surroundings.

Understanding that they cannot simply continue to plunder all the earth’s resources without recourse. There has to be a shift towards balance.

If humans take responsibility and begin to prioritize other animals and trees above their own greedy needs, then there will be a shift. If not, then there will be no choice but to rain down fire upon the earth and destroy everything so that a new era my dawn.

A fresh start, a spring after a harsh winter and everything shall be reborn a fresh. There will be new species, stronger and more resilient that humans. Humans will once again lose their knowledge they have gained up till today.

This will give nature a head start in the battle of survival and all her to thrive before the humans try to take over once again. But, it will be harder this time. They will not find it so easy to build big cities eventually.

However, the human experience will still be a good one. They will have ample opportunities to appreciate the love and beauty around them. To open their hearts and love and feel loved. To hunt and be hunted.

To feed and be fed. To live and let live. To live in a world of balance. It will be a world with less battles and wars amongst men. The women will once more rules the world as the more dominant of the species.

They will out think the brute strength of the men. They will bring more peace and harmony amongst the different tribes. More space between tribes. There will exist on earth the limitlessness once more which shall follow the law of the universe.

Limitless abundance of everything that is required for the ecosystem to thrive. For humans to thrive and not suffer so much as they are doing in the current world. For the majority to thrive rather than the minority as it is today.

It will be a very different world that God shall create if the time comes for it to be necessary. So we need to awaken and take heed. Our only job is actually to create a great human experience for ourselves and to love and thrive.

This is the way it was always meant to be. Do not suffer, do not look for suffering, do not seek to be made significant by your suffering.

God has no time for suffering on purpose. God wants happy humans, looking after his beautiful earth as the gift it is to all of us. Let us live as we are meant to and avoid the ultimate suffering that will end all of us and our brief modern history which shall simply return to dust and be forgotten.

Do not become an artifact, become a creator of a beautiful life you would love to live. And yes, as all humans are reborn, you will experience this new reality in the future if it comes to pass, there is no escape.

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