Everything is energy

Something that I wish to share with you today relates to the fact that everything is made up of energy. Energy is endless and will never die. It constantly transfers between different hosts as one host dies, a new one is created and birthed.

This relates to everything in the universe. Stars, planets, solar systems, suns are all born out of energy. This energy is the lifeblood of the whole universe and everything that lives within.

It is one of the laws of the universe. Here on earth, the same process is constantly in play. An embryo is formed and created from its mother’s energy.

It creates a new human being. Exactly the same process happens with all animals and indeed in insects and snakes and fish and plants and trees.

Everything is formed out of energy. This energy gives life to its host. When the host can no longer sustain it for whatever reason, old age, under nourished, accident etc, then the energy leaves the host and moves on and creates a new host to live in and give life to, leaving its former host in a lifeless state.

This energy is limitless and we understand by now that the universe is limitless by its nature. And so, we can be safe and comforted by the knowledge that when a loved one dies their energy has simply moved on to another host which it will give life to.

This energy will be timeless and endless as it repeats this cycle again and again. This is happening throughout the universe, constantly.

Trees die and a new one takes its place. Plants die and return to the soil from whence they came but a new plant is formed from the energy of the original plant.

Everything on earth and within the universe is in constant flow and rebirth. Endlessly and timelessly. This is the basic premises of an ecosystem, constantly feeding itself and rebirthing it’s energy to create new life.

So do not be disheartened when a close, loved one dies for the reality is, they simply cannot die. They may no longer exist in your immediate reality but they are still around, just in a different host, in a different place, living and loving and full of energy.

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