Climate Change

In the ancient times the climate was ever changing, to the point that mankind often lived in fear. They assumed that crazy weather like high winds or torrential rain, lightning and thunder was all related to the Gods and that they must be angry.

They would often build temples to worship the Gods and pray for good weather. They would also do many sacrifices of animals and even people in order to try and appease the Gods.

The reality was firstly, that a very dynamic climate was normal in those times. In fact, in today’s world, the climate is very dynamic and changeable however, it doesn’t affect us as much as it used to because we have strong houses that can withstand most weather types.

When we do have extreme weather, we once again assume that we have done something wrong. The reality is, this ever changing climate is a natural part of the earth we live on.

As humans, we think in very short time frames. In fact, almost down to months or a year. The reality is, that the earth is billions of years old and has evolved during this time in many different ways, both in the climate, the landscape and the animals and other various organisms that live here.

These shifts in weather and landscapes all happen over many hundreds and thousands of years. We may think that two weeks of rain and some flooding is really terrible but can you imagine that the ice age lasted for over 600 years.

About ten thousand years ago we had a 1000 years of heavy rainfall. As humans, we are constantly thinking small and short term.

If you ever look up at the sky when there is no light pollution, you will see the billions of stars in the night sky. They are literally impossible to count because they are limitless.

Limitlessness is the true nature of the earth and the universe. If we can think like the universe as we were intended to then we will discover that our imaginations are limitless.

We can have everything in limitless if we allow ourselves to think this way. Limitless resources in many different forms, especially love.

Can you imagine for a moment if you simply allowed yourself to feel love for everything around you. People, insects, the grass, the trees, water, animals, shrubs, the list is endless and limitless.

Try this out and feel how love is the human super power and embrace this gift you have been given. This exercise expands your heart exponentially. It allows you to receive more love than ever before. It allows your heart to heal your physical body.

It changes your vibration and frequency at which you operate. It makes it incredibly positive and light and playful and fun. You appreciate everything around you.

You appreciate the limitless abundance of nature. You look around and see some trees, and then you notice the leaves, you see some squirrels playing in the branches, you see some ivy wrapped around the tree.

You continue to look and notice the smaller trees, growing slowly over many years until they are big and strong like the trees they are growing right next to.

A bird flies overhead. Beautiful and strong, flapping its powerful wings in the wind. Imagine if you could fly, what would you see, where would you go, how would it feel.

What would you love to do first. Limitless is part of our human nature but we are conditioned to think small, to think only of our immediate surroundings, to not allow ourselves to see the big picture.

We don’t allow ourselves to love everything or let our imagination run unchecked. Imagine being able to fly through space and travel to different solar systems and planets.

What would you see. When you come across another earth, just like ours, what will it look like. What will the humans living there look like.

Will they be exactly the same as us. Will they be more or less advanced in their civilisations. What types of animals will live there. As you read this, just get the sense of limitless and how it can effect everything around you and change your perspective.

What would you create in your life if your options were limitless. Would you find yourself getting scared and stopping or would you really go for it and fully allow your imagination to have no limits.

Try this now and write down what you would create for yourself.

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