Limitless World

In a limitless world, there would be an abundance of food, trees, animals, water and other resources. The truth is, this is exactly how the world was many thousands of years ago.
Everything was limitless. You could walk over the mountains and the plains endlessly. When you came across the ocean, it would stretch endlessly into the horizon.
A range of mountains like the Andes or the Alps would appear to be endless. You would come across a herd of wildebeest, a million strong that would cover the whole plain and it would appear limitless.
This was actually the reality of early man. All the man made technology we have created as a species has actually had the opposite effect, it has created limits for us.
We have built roads so that we can travel quickly across vast distances. Built aeroplanes which have allowed us to travel to the other side of the world in only a few hours. The reality is, this has made our world very small and limited.
It may be great that we can travel to all these amazing places but the reality is, it goes against the laws of nature. By making everything smaller, it has changed our mindsets.
Suddenly, the world is not limitless anymore because we can fly all the way around it in a day or so. The country we live in is not limitless anymore because we can travel in a car from one side to the other in a handful of hours.
The question is, did we expand our thinking and our imaginations to make all of this travel possible or did it cause us to retract and think of how small the world is that we can travel around the whole thing in a day.
In a limitless world we can walk endlessly, we can sail and swim endlessly. By being desperate to reach the edge of the world, we ended up making it smaller.
This has shrunk our brains to the point that if it is easy to fly or drive anywhere we want, then there is always an end. And yet, when we look up into the night sky and see all the stars and plants, there is no end.
There is no edge of the universe. And so this gives us the perspective that we can have everything in abundance because it will never run out.
We had limitless tress in which to build our houses and our fires. There were limitless animals to hunt and fish to catch. But human technology and greed actually reversed this natural way of how things are meant to be.
Not satisfied with having everything in abundance, humans saw it more of a challenge to see what lay at the edge of the world, to build machines that could cut down all the trees, kill all the animals, catch all the fish.
Now, satisfied with his achievement of proving that limitless no longer exists, he has destroyed his world and he complains. He complains because he lacks many things.
Having broken the laws of nature and the ecosystem, his mind shrinks, he puts limits on everything, he loses his sense of fun and excitement and wonder and he suffers.
Ironically he discovers his capacity to endlessly suffer and complain throughout his limited lifetime. Unable to appreciate the beauty of nature around him, he has to create distractions, TV, phones, apps, games, drugs, alcohol, practically endless distractions, all keeping him small and confined.
We admire what we have created and the amazing technology we have but the truth is it works against our human nature. It has not created a better life for us, it has defied our human nature and created zombies.
We need to find our love of nature once more and appreciate it’s beauty. Appreciate its limitless and allow our world to become limitless once more, even if it is only in our thinking to begin with. This is our natural state.
This is how we thrive and get the best human experience. We live off what the earth has to offer us, taking just what we need and no more.
Have we have come too far to turn back and so what does our future hold, considering that we have reversed how the world is meant to be.
We can individually find that limitless once more, go into nature and appreciate her beauty. Even her danger. And we can focus on loving and appreciating everything around us.
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