Our Connection to Nature

Our connection to nature is food for our soul. It connects us back to the earth. We may have moved into comfortable houses with everything on tap but the reality is we have not really evolved hugely from beings that once lived and thrived in the forests and wilderness.

This is where we came from, this is what gives us a deep connection, it opens our hearts and helps us feel love in many different forms. It gives us peace and tranquility. It makes us feel fulfilled.

No man-made building can give us this feeling. We are at our most natural when we are in the wild. Embracing our true nature and our ancestors.

Embracing where we came from. We can imagine sitting in the middle of nowhere around a camp fire with close friends and family.

No need for TV or phones or even books. For when we are in nature, we not do not yearn for distraction for there is so much going on around us.

There is so much life when we are out in nature, there is so much to see and feel and hear. We can use our imaginations to imagine the fish swimming in the lake looking for food, the ducks and swans swimming around, interacting with each other.

Looking out for danger, looking for food and looking after one another. We can feel the ecosystem in full swing. Everything working together.

The trees growing tall and strong, the bushes and shrubs holding the soil together. Getting and giving nutrients and life to other plants and insects and animals all around it. Everything working in harmony.

Everything working as intended. This is our real environment where we thrive and feel connected and feel love for the earth. It is how we ground ourselves once more after living our busy lives in towns and cities.

With so much to do and so much to focus on, most of which is actually meaningless and simply trying to meet our unresolved needs.

Trying to survive instead of thrive. Come back to nature with me and get grounded and embrace that feeling of being fully submerged in nature once more where you have nothing to worry about but your immediate surroundings.

Where your only job is to simply notice what is going on around you and feel that natural connection you have with the earth.

This gives you the space to think and to build a vision of what you will truly love to create in your life for the next 6 or 12 months.

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