Ancient Technology

There is so little we know about the stars and galaxies in the universe. We can surmise what we think is going on but the reality is that everything is so vast that we really don’t know.

What we do know is that the stars and constellations have been steadfast for many millions if not billions of years. We can imagine the dinosaurs looking up into the night star and watching Orion’s belt and perhaps even using it to navigate their way around, just like our ancient ancestors did thousands of years ago.

We also know that our ancient relatives (that we again know very little about), built intricate temples and other megalithic structures that all aligned with the star constellations.

So much is unknown as to how and why they did this. However, I can tell you that life for our ancient ancestors was very different. They lived, just as you and I live here today.

They had advanced technology but it was just very different to the type of technology that we have today. What they had in the past was the guidance of the stars and planets.

They were get information and help from the stars. They would create these structures that would harness the power of certain stars and create an energy that we have not seen or witnessed for many thousands of years.

This was the real power of the stars and planets that they understood and used at that time period. But in today’s world, we have no idea what this technology was and how it was used.

Again, I can tell you that it was more powerful than anything we are using in our modern day. It is still there and ready to be harnessed but we have forgotten the technology.

But it will be revealed again soon and it will bring great joy and hope to mankind. The challenge and the reason the information about the technology has not yet been released is because of how man behaves and the way he is.

You see, there is too much evil in this world. There is too much hate and jealousy and malice. And therefore, mankind does not deserve to understand this star harnessing technology because he will simply misuse it and it will be used as always for the few to gain more power.

Imagine free and unlimited electricity. This is what is available to you. But there has to be change, there has to be a more equal society created. One where everyone benefits, not just the few.

For the world is supposed to be a place of thriving and not suffering, especially the poor. We hope that mankind will not sell something which is free and unlimited but we are not confident this will happen and so for now, we keep this information from you until you can prove that you are capable of serving your fellow human being.

To spread love and joy and kindness. When mankind starts to do this, then there will be rewards that follow. Knowledge of this and many other technologies will be revealed and all will thrive and benefit.

So, focus on being kind, empathetic, giving and be of service to all other beings in your world. And then a new era will be born and it will be incredibly exciting with what you will be able to achieve as a species.

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