Ancient Civilizations

In the times of the Gods, thousands of moons ago, when vast, megalithic temples were born of the earth and the ancient ones worshiped the Gods to bring good fortune and good weather, mankind thrived.

They had a deep connection to nature and the stars. They understood that there was a way of being that would serve them and appease their Gods.

When their Gods were pleased, then everyone and everything was happy. They practiced love for their Gods and for each other. They practiced love of all creatures in the forest as well as the trees and plants and flowers that adorned the forest floor.

There was great excitement every morning as the sun rose, as they knew it was always going to be a great day. They would kiss the sun good night as she slipped below the horizon and went to sleep for the night.

Replaced by the moon who would look after them as they slept next to their fires and tame wolves. They would speak to the stars and receive guidance and knowledge to help them to continue to thrive and discover new technology.

This technology enabled them to create more advanced civilisations. These were very exciting times. However, as the civilizations grew and flourished, some men couldn’t help themselves and wanted more.

They wanted more because of the unresolved trauma they had faced as children. They tried to resolve these issues by being greedy. Greed took many different forms in those days as it does in modern times.

Above all else, they wanted power. They wanted to be seen as powerful so that they could be recognised by the others in the tribe.

They would manipulate and control others to get what they wanted. They would try and keep the best bits of the kill after a great hunt for themselves and their family. In the beginning, these people were outcast but slowly, these men that were greedy for power prevailed.

They got the power they wanted although it was never enough for they were trying to resolves issues that were unresolvable by the methods they were trying. In those ancient advanced civilisations, it was about serving one another for the greater good and for everyone to be equal and thrive and be joyful and happy.

This fabric was torn apart when the greedy ones began to take over. Sure, some members of the tribe thrived to a great extent but now there was imbalance. Not everyone was thriving. Not everyone was happy and content.

Wars broke out amongst their neighbours. There was much fighting and bloodshed. There was much pain and anguish and suffering and loss. But this was their new way of being and they had to fight or die. They had to learn new skills to survive.

This new way caused more problems but there was no going back. The world and their realities had changed forever. And so it was, the great fighters were revered and gained favour and abundance from the others who they protected.

The Gods sent down beasts from other worlds to punish man but he fought back and came up with new tools and weapons to become stronger. These beasts killed many men, women and children but still man did not change his ways.

The temples were not full anymore for mankind had lost their faith in the Gods. The leaders of the new world wanted to be worshiped themselves and were jealous of the attention the Gods got.

And so it was, that this new way of life was much tougher and more dangerous than ever before because they did not get the protection from the Gods anymore. The Gods punished mankind for his errors with volcanos and floods and earthquakes to try and teach him a lesson.

But man was stubborn. The few that thrived at the top, liked the taste of power and they were not going to relinquish it for anything. And so, new civilizations were created with different rules than before.

Some great civilizations where completely destroyed by beasts and other natural events that threatened their very existence. There was much fighting and arguing and life became very hard for most.

Eventually, with so much death and destruction, God sent down a vast comet which covered the earth in fire, it hid the stars, the moon and the sun for an age.

And then it froze everything in sight and many species including ancient man was wiped from the earth bar a very few survivors. And from these survivors a new world was born and once again, they built temples and prayed to the Gods for good fortune and good weather and all was right with the world once more.

Until, man returned to his old ways and once again it was time for another destruction and rebirth of the earth and a new more evolved species would emerge and thrive and be connected to nature and love everything it was surrounded by and life would be tough but good and joyful and fulfilling.

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