What is Love?

Today’s message is about love. But wait. It is not about loving your partner or about sex. It is about loving a stranger. Again, not about sex but about giving the unconditional love to a stranger so they get a warm feeling of empathy as they pass you by.

They may be in a bad mood about something or perhaps someone close to them has died recently and they are missing them. Perhaps they have lost their job or one of their parents is very sick.

When you walk past, consciously expand your heart and imagine that you can send this love to any other living thing in this world. Imagine for a few seconds that they need some love in their life and you are there to share some of yours with them.

As a man, full of testosterone and manliness, it is very difficult to imagine such a thing. But the truth is, that for all human beings, our superpower is love. In a world where we share love to one another, unconditionally, just because we can.

We change our frequency. Our frequency raises to a higher level. When we operate from this higher level, we do not notice the trivial things that happen in our life. We do not notice all the distractions available to us every second of every day.

We discover that we can focus like never before. We find that we can put our focus on what we would love. This means that if we would love to write a book or create a podcast or make a movie or do a certain job that fills our heart with joy that this is not only available to us but it is within our grasp.

We find, when we operate from a higher frequency that we can go after these things that will fulfil us and give us purpose. As a human on this earth, we all need a purpose to keep ourselves motivated and keep pushing forward.

To strive to be the best we can be for ourselves, not to try and please others or try and get likes and shares on social media but live in our truth of who we are meant to be.

We all have a purpose on this planet. Every single one of us, regardless of our circumstances. And to get closer to that purpose, we need to understand that our heart and love are two very powerful attributes that we all possess.

You can stand next to a big tree and put your hand on it. Feel it’s deep roots in the ground, feel its strength and its wisdom and its knowledge. Imagine how much it has seen over the last few hundred years that it has been alive.

Most of all, as another living organism, you can feel the power of its love. It loves everything around it. It loves the sunrise and the sunset. It loves the squirrels that play in its branches. The birds that sing songs from its highest outstretched twigs and leaves.

Putting my hand on this powerful being, I am overwhelmed by its love that I almost stagger back. I feel this feeling in my whole body and I know that I am connected to this tree, even if for only a few seconds. We have connected and shared a love of the earth and appreciation for one another being alive.

Gratitude for sharing this brief moment before I continue my walk while she stands there, eternally, guarding the landscape and giving life and love to others for that is her purpose. She is living in her truth.

What is your truth. What is your purpose and what are you doing to seek it and live it.

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