Hope and Endless Possibilities

In the beginning of time when there was just rocks and volcanos on the earth and no other life, there was a mystical magic about the earth, even in those times when everything was barren and hot and desolate.

And during this time, when the conditions on earth were perfect, began the first stages of microscopic life forms, and there was the beginning of endless hope and possibilities for this world that we call home.

It started from nothing but hope and ended up with giant dinosaur monsters roaming around the planet. And then, their time ended with a bang and in a flash they were all gone.

Once again, the microscopic life forms had to begin a fresh once more. Once again there was hope and endless possibilities and once again life began to flourish.

All sorts of creatures thrived and developed on this ancient earth until more dramatic earth shattering events happened and everything was wiped out or frozen or burnt or flooded. And once again, there was a rebirth of life and it always started very small and it always started with hope and endless possibilities.

And this is the way of our world and we are all part of this world so never forget that when you are struggling or suffering that just around the corner lies your own rebirth.

For you, there is always hope and endless possibilities. There is always a future for you have the power to create for yourself. Never forget, however hard things may be, that there is always hope while there is breath in your body.

And while you have breath in your body then you have the ability to take one step forward, metaphorically or physically. You always have this ability to imagine a bright and joyful future for yourself regardless of your circumstances.

The power is within and you are responsible, no one else. And remember, this is the way of our world, hope and endless possibilities regardless of whatever cataclysmic events happen to her. The cycle is infinite.

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