Our True Nature and Purpose

It is within our essence to seek and find out true nature and purpose. It is our job that once we find this, we live it as our everyday way of being.

We do not fear consequences for being in our truth. We do not fear ridicule. We do indeed, not fear itself for when we operate in our truth, our frequency raises above any mediocrity that tries to surround us.

We raise above this as we know that true fulfilment as a human resides in the truth of being who we are meant to be on this world. We have unique qualities, skills and gifts that we were sent to earth with in order to share and add to the ecosystem of life.

When we find our purpose and we understand the importance of living out our purpose, we get the full human experience. This gives us a deep feeling of being loved and appreciated. It gives us a deep feeling of connection to the earth.

We notice how our service to others gives as much to them as it does to us. Working with others and helping them find their true nature and purpose, seeing their heart expand full of love for everything around them.

Seeing them blossom like an opening flower and they awaken to realise, finally, after however many years they have been on this earth, that now know why they are here.

They understand what it is they have always wanted to do. They understand that simply by doing this, they do not need lots of money or a big house or fast car.

They simply need to be living in their truth and serving others as intended. They will then discover that by actually living out their true nature and purpose that this will bring them abundance in many different ways. It will allow them to feel loved and connected to all things.

And yes, it will give them money and other things that make their life more comfortable. But, it is purely to make their life more comfortable, it is not out of a desperate need to have everything to prove to others how great they are or how successful they are for none of this is necessary.

The only thing that is necessary is for them to love what they do in their life. For when they do this, then they are thriving. They are truly living. They are getting the human experience that we are all meant to experience in full.

We were not put on this earth to suffer or struggle. That was never God and the universes intention. The intention is to thrive, feel joy and love and fulfilment.

To laugh out loud and smile at the smallest things. To appreciate the world we live in. To recognise and understand the things that we see around us that do not have good intentions and do not serve us but are there to simply distract us and take us off our true path.

When we break through despite the resistance then we really start living. We finally see what the purpose of life is all about. We do not get frustrated or angry.

We just love our way out of uncomfortable situations and continue to create the life we truly love living. And we get to appreciate the beauty of everything around us.

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