The Battle Within Ourselves

Every day we are in a battle with ourselves. Often we don’t even have the awareness that we are in this battle. And yet, we are fighting all the time.
Not in the physical sense with a sword and a shield but in the sense of our mind. Our mind wants us to do one thing but the other part of our brain says we need to do all these other things.
Firstly, we don’t actually know what is important in our life. We think we do but it is heavily influenced by society, our friends and the media on TV.
This is what is guiding us and telling us what actions to take. We even follow influences on social media and try and replicate what they do. Completely unaware of course that the influencer doesn’t even do it.
They are just good at telling others what to do and make themselves out to be some kind of great messiah which we all fall for. Each of us is very different and unique and have our own needs.
Our brains even work in a unique way compared to others. Instead of following society and falling into the trap of doing what is expected of us, we need to instead, do what our heart would love us to do.
And herein lies the battle. The battle with one part of your brain which is trying to get you to do what you love. What would bring your joy and fulfilment and the other part of your brain that will simply follow the pack, regardless of if they are all about to head over the edge of a cliff or not.
Do not follow, create what you would love. Focus on what you would love to do. What brings joy to your heart. What makes you feel love. What fulfils you.
Everything else is simply a distraction from your truth and your authentic self. The more aware you become of this, the less you will fight it. You will realise which part of your brain to listen to.
Which part has your best interests to heart and which park is trying to get you to conform and resolve screwed up belief systems that hold you back and keep you small.
What would you love to do? What are you choosing to conform to everyday. More importantly, what are you going to stop conforming to, starting right now.
Never wait for tomorrow or Monday, always start now. Create beautiful, love and life giving habits for yourself…
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