Our Moon

As the moonlight shines down upon the earth as it has done for so many millions and billions of years, it notices how life has changed here on earth.

It has been the constant companion of the earth over all this time. Despite being hit by numerous asteroids, she has stayed her course and remained close to our earth as she circles our orbit.

Without our moon and her resilience, we would lose a lot of magic and certain frequencies that make things work on earth. For one, the wolves would have nothing to howl at but more importantly, our tides wouldn’t function.

In fact, in a limitless world, before time was measured in years, months, days and seconds, the moon was the only method of understanding time.

The full moon would signal another month had passed. The ancients, could tell time and age by how many moons had passed. This was their only indication of time apart from day and night of course.

However, what we may not all realise is that the moon changes certain frequencies which can affect your mood and even create headaches or migraines in some.

The moon is very powerful as are the moons that orbit the other planets in our galaxy. Do you get effected by the full moon? During a clear sky and full moon, it also makes it difficult to hunt and safer for the hunted. There is nowhere to hide and it is easy to spot predators.

Once upon a time, when a great fireball hit the earth and spread fire across the earth. The ash alone caused darkness for a very long time. There was no sun and no moon.

The ancient ones of that time would have thought they had angered the Gods and they were being punished. The truth was, a dynamic world is simply normal.

We are lucky in modern times that this does not happen more often but in truth, a few hundred years of human life, is but a small blip compared the many thousands of years that have past when the ancient ones roamed our planet and experienced many anomalies, horrendous climates changes, exploding volcanos and even crashing fragments comets that scorched the earth.

We have a week of heavy rain and we think we are doomed, imagine how the ancients felt in those times of such great changes.

This is one of my ever present companions with her two stick obsession.

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