The Great Flood

And then, when the great flood came down from high above the world, the large dam which broke it’s wall of ice and debris, nothing could stand in its path.

Mountains were washed away, small streams became 500 foot torrents of death. There was no escape for any creature that stood in its path and yet even those on the other side of the world were washed away when the great oceans increased their mass 100 fold.

Great, ancient cities, bustling with activity, trading, drinking, fornicating and killing were washed away and sank beneath the waves of the giant seas that once kept them feed with limitless fish, now turned against them and became their demise.

They tried to run, ride and even sail to higher ground but the persistent and endless giant waves and tsunamis crashed against the cities and their defences relentlessly until they were destroyed and disappeared from view forever.

The mountains turned to mud so there was no escape for the fleeing humans or animals. Their bad habits and lack of faith. Their choices and ungodly actions or lead to the inevitable destruction of their world and their reality.

They perished in their millions, beyond reprieve. There was no forgiveness for the moment had passed many moons before and despite the many warnings and the signs of what was to come, there was no recognition of the way the ancients were living their lives.

In terror and trauma, in killing and stealing, in hate and malice. In a loveless world that was existing out of the way God intended. This is not what God designed.

This is not the world that God created for himself. To see love and thriving everywhere. And so, with a heavy heart, he brought his fist down upon the great dam and let flow forth his rage and anger as it tore his earth into a completely new world.

Ripping apart the ancient cities and villages that littered the landscape. Those closest to the seas and oceans where the first to experience the wrath of God and his displeasure at their way of life. Their abandonment of the way life was intended.

And in a moment, it was all gone. Large ancient cities that to this day have never been found again. The dark predators of the skies from other worlds saw their food been swallowed up and they left, never to return to this world again.

Not yet anyway. Man, who had lost his fear, found it in a sudden rush and realised it was too late. There was no altering the course of this new history being born.

There was to be absolute destruction followed by a rebirth years later. Everything was lost, the animals, the humans, the knowledge, the trees, life as it was known vanished in a short space of human time.

A few humans who had seen the signs of their impending doom and had listened to what was being said by those that knew, had hidden away. High up in the mountains, in the caves of bears and beasts. They waited patiently.

They grew old and produced more offspring who also waited for their time to come. But with the passing of the elders who survived the great floods, so a lot of their knowledge died with them. Knowledge of past great cities and their technology was lost and forgotten.

They had to start with temples and worship the Gods as they once did to bring about peace and calm. Slowly but surely, the great rebirth took hold and the earth began to flourish once more. A spring of births of animals, plants and trees and young humans. These were the ones to replenish the earth.

To bring back her limitless nature. For the rules of the universe to once more be in play. Thriving and loving and limitless abundance of everything in the world. The evil cites, gone and forgotten for eternity.

Their cruel masters not even existing as a memory in the new world. The price of forgetting knowledge in order to forget all the hate and evil that once existed. Purity and innocence returned to a beautiful, rich earth.

Ready to offer new life to whoever was willing to take it. Willing to thrive and to live in a vibration of love. But be warned my fellow humans, this time is returning.

With your wars and your evil and greed. With your killing and plundering. It is taking you back to a time where the suffering outweighs the thriving and the love and so another rebirth must become inevitable so that the earth can once again, start afresh and become limitless in her nature once more.


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