Where Is Your Focus?

Only you know in this moment how you are performing in your life. Most of your life is a very clever illusion. Whatever you focus on creates your reality.

If you focus on the war in Gaza or the post office fiasco then all your thoughts will be filled with anger and frustration and disgust. You will form your opinions on who is right and who is wrong.

You will be consumed by your thoughts of these outside events. And while you consume yourself with matters that you have no control over, that fill your mind with horror and pain, your life will carry on without you.

You will speak to anyone who will listen and explain your opinion as you see it. Your will fight for your opinion to not only be heard but to be proved right for you are invested.

And while you have this fight for recognition, your life will continue without you. While you repeat what you have heard on various news channels, all of which spin the truth in order for their own gain.

To be more controversial than the other media channels in order to get more eyeballs on their website or TV channel. This all effects your opinion and views.

You get emotional about what is going on. You may even donate some money that to a charity that will never ever get to the people who need it for there are way too many political boundaries in the way.

All the while you are having these heated debates and conversations about something that does not actually directly affect you, your life continues with you. If you are lucky, very lucky. You will suddenly become aware of all this focus you have and where you are putting it.

It is not on creating a life you would love. It is focused on others and their lives and what is happening to them. And when you do not focus on yourself, then things happen to you.

Your life is not a creation but you are simply a passenger, along for the ride. Things happen to you, you complain a lot. Things happen to others on the other side of the world, you complain a lot.

Things happen to others in your own country, which doesn’t directly affect you and you complain a lot on their behalf. THAT IS NOT YOUR JOB! Your job is to put your focus on your life and what you want to create for yourself. Focus on spreading love and kindness.

Focus on what you can do to serve your fellow humans in a constructive way and create abundance from this. Focus on adding value to your loved ones. Those that depend on you. Those that need you to be the best version of yourself.

This is where your focus should be. Be wary and aware of where you are putting your focus and your life and your reality will change. For better or worse is up to you and what you choose.

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