Take What is Yours

In the night sky above us, we relish in the fact that the beauty of the stars and planets and our moon is always there. We may not be able to see the night sky in all its beauty because of light pollution or cloud cover but we all know that it is always there in its limitless nature.


In the same way, we know that we are capable of so much more than we are doing right now. We know, that if we really want to do something different, from our hearts that we actually could. The reason we don’t is because of fear. We fear failure, we fear laughter of others, we fear imposter syndrome, we fear success.


What if it all works and changes me as a person. In a bad way. If you do something from your heart and love what you do then this is a pure creation. It cannot be tainted by outside influences. There are no conditions on creating something purely out of the love of wanting to create it. People cannot argue with you because it just is.


It’s what you love. You know yourself, deep down that there is something you would love to do in your life that you are not doing right now. You know, that you are really great at something that you’re not doing. You also know that those thoughts and feelings and fears that come up are not real. They are simply made up and designed to keep you small and insignificant.


Imagine, for a moment, God or anyone else really, standing in front of you, holding out their hand with this gift. The gift of the ability to do whatever your heart desires. How easy would it be to take this gift and show it to the world. How would it feel. What would it mean to you. Because, it really is as simple as taking it from the hand that is offering it to you.


Take it and run with it. Focus on what you would love to create, not on all the fears that pop up. That’s all they are, just thoughts of fear that don’t really exist. So, your mission, right now, is to take it from the hand and take action. Do one thing, however small that takes you closer to creating whatever it is you would love to create.


It may be messaging someone to setup a conversation. It may be to sit down for 10 minutes and write down your thoughts. It may be go and book a trip or a holiday. It could be a number of things but it is personal to you and you alone. But no one else can take action for you.


It’s all down to you. No one is coming to do it for you. So take that step forward, take the gift and take action. You won’t regret it. Your focus creates your reality.

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