In the dawn of a new age of awareness. Awareness of monsters that once roamed the earth, killing at will and destroying life. Now these same monsters roam the earth, dressed in smart suits, causing death and destruction from their lairs.

They no longer need to go out for they have armies of soldiers. They have power and control. They manipulate to get what they want. They cause pain because they are in pain. It is not easy being a monster and pretending to be the good guy when deep down they know, they are the devils child.

You have no awareness that you’re a monster, you justify your battles based on the cruel world we apparently live in. A world where you eat or get eaten. A dangerous world where everyone wants to take something from you. Take what you have worked so hard to get and so you fight with everything you have.

You destroy the weak and take more for yourself. For if you don’t someone else will take it. You have a many big and beautiful lairs and abundant chariots and many female companions and fake friends. You think you are the boss. You think you have all the power and control and that people fear you.

People do not fear you, they pity you. They are grateful they’re not you. For they understand that as your surround yourself with more and more trinkets and jewellery and false companions, that you are desperate. You are not happy, you are not fulfilled, you are not free. They understand what you don’t. they understand that living in your truth and giving to another brings true fulfilment and happiness.

Not trinkets and the love of a false companion. Ill-gotten money is not love, it is a burden. A burden of guilt and proof that you are a monster. You created your abundance of money not out of love and service but out of a desperate need to be validated. To be noticed, to be feared and respected. The only ones who respect and fear you are those that want what you have for they are also monsters, waiting for their moment to pounce.

In a land of monsters, there is no happiness or peace. There are just demons when you close your eyes. There is fear of losing it all. Fear of having nothing once more. Unaware that the true secret is to stand still in nature with nothing and noticing the life and love around you.

That is all you really need. Deep, heartfelt contentment and knowing there is nothing you have to do in this moment but let go of your monster and all its many needs and demands. Then you will feel free and you can sigh a deep sigh as you realise it was all false and impure and fear based and now you are where you are meant to be. At peace, tranquil, comfortable, happy and content.


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