God is not one being but many. He is made up of many different species all rolled into one. He is not a single entity but he is a way of being.

He does not discriminate amongst men or women or goat or sheep. For we all make up God. We are all part of the divine. God is the source to all beings and organisms, large and small.

From the smallest insect to the largest elephant and whale. From single cell to millions of cells, we are all God. A living, thriving flow of love and creativity.

Of hardship and resilience. Of growth and expansion. Of depression and anxiety. Of life and death. The energy of God flows through every single being and organism on his earth.

It is everlasting, even through death, the energy lives on and arrives in spring once more. Ready to take on the world. Ready to be God. Experience all the emotions of being alive, good and bad.

Our constant strive to survive and thrive. To find peace and happiness in all things. To procreate more of God. Even the plants and the tress and the beautiful flowers in a meadow.

This is all God in his beauty. The God experience is good and evil, happy and sad, joy and sadness. It is the all-encompassing emotions for all beings, not just humans.

The joy of birth, the sadness of loss. The joy of success and sadness of failure. The strength of resilience to continue to fight to the bitter end, never willingly giving up until the energy leaves your body for the final time and moves onto another.

There is the feeling of love that conquers all. There is acceptance of fate, the appreciation of life. There are all the hearts beating as one. One giant energy of life and love.

The hearts all beat in unison on the earth and it is then we know that we are alive. And we have a choice to keep our heart beating and to make many other choices every second of every day to seek our purpose, to live our purpose.

To thrive as God intended. It is the suffering and pain that cause darkness in the big collective heart of God. It is like a disease spreading across the bright and beautiful hearts of the whole earth. Stopping the love, turning red to black.

Bringing despair and hopelessness. Taking away the feeling of choice. Taking away the thriving and even the surviving. But, with simple awareness of how we are being in this very moment and that it is not the truth.

Will allow us, a pin prick of light which represents hope of making a different choice, different choices. And like the flood gates of the biggest dam, here on earth, the hope, the choices, the decisions and the love flow forth like a torrent and we regain everything on offer to us.

We understand the power that lies with our God body. No matter what creature we are, we all get to thrive by the choices we make. The love we allow ourselves to feel and give.

For it is our duty to keep the heart of God beating as one throughout the whole world and the universe. For if the heart stops beating, then all is lost forever and there will be nothing but desolation and memories of a world that once was.

So choose wisely and think deeply as to your next choice right now, in this very second as to what you can do to thrive and keep God’s hearts beating.

Start with a hug of deep and loving affection to another God being. Feel the gratitude to be able to give love and feel loved.

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