A chilling warning to Zimbabweans

I have just seen this message:

Dear Patrons of beautiful Zimbabwe it has come to our attention that the following schools and companies are refusing to close for our stay away peaceful campaign.  We understand there are negative comments been made by the heads of these establishments. They are stating their schools in suburbs and private business they don’t need to take action and will, therefore remain open.

Parents of the following schools St John St Georges Chisipiti Gateway Westridge and others who private establishments you may be in suburbs but we will be checking on you to make sure your schools are closed.  Bear in mind the safety of your children first. These schools need to be taught a lesson as they feel they in the suburbs. Your heads feel they white and have the right to do as they want. Keep your children at home for yours and their safety. Teachers those who choose to put their lives at risk because you teach in the suburbs rethink what your heads are requesting from you.

St John’s College

Fruit & Veg and Pick n Pay close your businesses tomorrow. This is for the safety of your staff and buildings.  Stay away tomorrow and keep the peace please. Let’s be a peaceful nation as we demonstrate.


Those watching the news keep others informed of what is happening around you.  We are aware people are been informed there is no such activities of violence taking place. As we speak people are getting beaten up and tortured in Mabvuku and Epworth.

Let’s pray for peace in our country as we take to the streets tomorrow 6 July.

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    If this is true, It seems crazy to me that the heads of these establishments would remain open today. Why would you endanger your pupils and staff safety rather than send a strong, peaceful, message to government? I hope they are closed today.

  2. Concerned Zimbabwean
    Concerned Zimbabwean says:

    This is disgusting, threatening private companies and schools… I understand that people want this to be a complete stay-away but don’t be thugs about it!

    Like in South Africa, they will make this their opportunity to become violent and loot shops etc.

    Zimbabwe needs change, as we all know, and burning down schools or shops just shows that you’re an idiot, with no education, who doesn’t deserve to be called a Zimbabwean!

    After all, everyone is meant to stay in their homes, so why are you out looking for trouble to cause? Mind your own business

  3. Callum
    Callum says:

    Why bring up the racist comment though? White people suffer in Zimbabwe like everyone else. The problem is the ruling party and they are a problem for us all.

  4. Brian James
    Brian James says:

    Its now well into the stay away, can anyone report if these schools and businesses have actually closed?

  5. Mark Jones
    Mark Jones says:

    Stand together and Mugabe must fall. It is disgusting that these businesses and schools are even thinking about staying open. Where is their solidarity with the masses. Only mass uprising by EVERYONE young and old white and black, rich and poor will bring change. Get a backbone. Enough is enough. Everyone must sacrifice for the end goal.

  6. Concerned from the Heart
    Concerned from the Heart says:

    I know that one of the mentioned schools did close yesterday. And the other schools that were mentioned as well are linked to the one that closed.
    People reacting with violence will get us no where. Those forcing us with violence to do things only create another monster to deal with. If you look into the history of the countries that changed without violence, they are better off than the ones that had with violence. If we look after one another as we should, no matter what color we are, were we come from, then we are doing what Jesus commanded us to do,”Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind. And the second, like it, is this, Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31
    When we start looking after others instead of looking after ourselves all the time. Then we start changing the country. There are our elders that are forgotten and cared for by strangers, there are the orphans that the law makes hard to adopt. Then the homeless, I know that most of us don’t know were they sleep at night, but if we see them have something in the car with you that you can give. The street kids, as well, they are not a complete hassle. Some of them have a love for animals.
    To the drivers in our public transport, I don’t care who you work for, please become people that are better at obeying the law of the road that the other drivers will follow you, they are doing what you do. To the private drivers, I know that it gets dangerous when others don’t follow the law, do your best to stay safe and follow the law yourselves, I speak to myself as well.
    Most of us in Zimbabwe that I have come across profess to be Christian. Being Christian is all good and well, but do we actually follow Christ. We all are reacting out of fear, being negative. When we start praying (where two or three are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them.Matthew 18:20) change will happen. We prayed for peace for so long that it happened, we can pray for change as well with the peace, no violence is needed.


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