Zimbabwe Rebellion 6th July 2016


This message is doing the rounds. Please stay safe. I implore people to not turn to violence or burning anyone’s property as this will not solve anything. Do not go to work tomorrow (Wed 6th of July) as there is a lot of unpredictability in the air. Please be careful and safe.

Zimbabweans its time to wake up . Let’s rise and save our beloved Zimbabwe . Our Government no longer cares for us  : No jobs, we are struggling to maintain our wellbeing to survive and Government is blocking all clean survival channels. They have banned the importation of goods, so that we buy their expensive, products The Government is failing to pay Civil servants , Which industry are we protecting ? Let that industry compete with imports  until it produces affordable goods and we will decide for ourselves which products to buy.

People were surviving by trading across borders to help themselves. Stop telling us about import Licences because we know they will be given to Mphoko , Kasukuwere , Obert Mpofu and other Ministers. Police are all over the roads stealing people’s money & products. We want the Government to Lift up the Ban on Imports  and to Remove or Reduce  the Zimbabwe Roadblock Police (ZRP) from our roads and to remove Spotfines until we have money  as a matter urgency before Wednesday 6th July 2016.

Fellow Zimbabweans, don’t go to work as from 6 July until this is solved. Burn every  Shop, Service Station or any Business that will open its Doors for trading.

Block all roads with whatever object you can. Block all traffic and if they resist Burn the Cars. No Cars on the Road by 6 July, if any one resists go & burn their property at night.

ZRP Just let us do the Demo in Peace and we will leave you in Peace  on 6th July. We can’t let people in South Africa or Botswana fight for us while we remain seated. All Youths please mobilise, this has no party politics it’s a national issue because whatever party you belong we suffer the same.

Please forward to All your  Contacts , facebook  , whatsapp ,email. tweeter, instagram, etc

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  1. sallie
    sallie says:

    Oh my word, this sounds so grave, I pray for my country of birth, dear Lord protect these precious people.

  2. Ricky John Devchand
    Ricky John Devchand says:

    I do agree to the above but strongly disagree on a few points..
    I’m sorry but why do you need to burn shops, petrol stations and businesses for opening on this day? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but to hurt people who are just going about doing their own day to day business is uncalled for and childish.

    Put pressure on the government which you blacks have voted for and get them out.. Destroy gvt propoerties not innocent people’s Assets!

    • admin
      admin says:

      100% agree Ricky. Innocent people always get caught up in these things where the real people causing the problems need to get hit hard, like the actual Ministers.

    • ndapedza
      ndapedza says:

      You’re disgusting. Why would you try to turn an honourable cause into a race issue ?? The people protesting have no other option. They’re asking ppl to stand with them. Why should white ppl not participate…if Mugabe leaves office because of this will white Zimbabweans not benefit.

      • admin
        admin says:

        Ndapedza – No one has said anything about white or black. There are too few whites in Zimbabwe to make any difference. We all have to stand together.

      • Shirley Rees
        Shirley Rees says:

        So few whites left and how do you know they are not participating? Why are you making this a race issue? its you doing it not them. How much of your population do they make up now? about 2% if that. The people in the wrong are the ones stealing the money and sneaking it out of the country, the people who are not paying the people the money they are owed, the people who make the police do road blocks so they can take a bit of money home to feed their families. Why destroy the little that is left and those people who work hard to keep their businesses going against massive odds? Oh by the way its a lot of black people who own the businesses that you encourage other people to destroy. Come down from the clouds and see the truth about your country.

  3. George Dempster
    George Dempster says:

    Burning and destroying property is not the answer. May I suggest a fireforce approach where you identify targets. such as police roadblocks. overpower them intimidate them disable their vehicles. disarm them . After a few hits they will be to scared to set up roadblocks which benefit them only. Identify a minister to be taught a lesson. find non violent ways of removing his or her valuables. play smart.

  4. Jongwe Roaster
    Jongwe Roaster says:

    Burn Mugabe and his cronies assets .Go for it and destroy The people that have brought Zim to the Ground .This is Overdue The Jongwe needs to be roasted !!!


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