Experiencing a different kind of life

Yesterday was a day that you spent subconsciously trying to create a better life for yourself. It may have simply being going to work where you earnt money.

It may simply have been going to work and accruing more holiday days. It may have been taking the day off to rest and recover or perhaps taking the day off to go for a doctor’s appointment.

Whatever it is that you did, it was probably just another day. Something life changing may have happened but it’s unlikely that whatever it was, it would change your life forever.

The point is, that currently, whatever is going on in your life is subconsciously being created by you. You are creating a life for yourself by the decisions and choices that you make every day.

However, you are not fully conscious of what these decisions are. So now imagine for a moment, if you had a very clear plan or set of goals in place and every day and you consciously took action to make those goals happen.

But wait, you don’t just have goals. You have goals that have been created from your intuition based on what your heart would love and also based on what your true genius and purpose is on this earth.

Imagine, that every day, you spent 10 minutes focused on two of your goals and you sat quietly and undisturbed and listened to your intuition that told you what the next steps are that you need to take.

And through all these baby steps, guided by your intuition, you achieved your goals. However, the difference with having goals that are intuition led is that these will fulfil you.

Lots of us create goals based that come from a dysfunctional place. For example, I want to earn £200 00 this year or perhaps you are going all in for £1 million.

The amount of money is irrelevant, for what is relevant is why. Why do you want to earn x amount of money. Do you really think that when you have this money, you, as a human being is going to feel more fulfilled, more loved, more content, less stressed.

Or, do you think that once you earn this amount of money that the following year, you will want more and so you will need to work even harder.

You will spend less time with your loved ones, you will spend less time doing things you love because all your drive and ambition will be geared towards making your target amount of money.

You may get pleasure from achieving your goal and satisfaction and you can buy some nice things. You may even be able to go on an expensive holiday.

But will you be stress free, will you be living in the moment. Will you be at peace with yourself. Will you be comfortable spending time by yourself with your thoughts.

Or will you be stressed amount meeting your goals even while you are enjoying a beautiful holiday on a beach. Perhaps you will take your laptop so that you can do some work while you are away.

I can hold my hand up and say that is exactly what I have done. However, when we create goals that are based on our intuition and on what our heart desires and we focus on everything being playful and easy.

Then, we have a completely different experience. Our vibration is based on love. Loving what we are doing, loving the work we are doing, loving the people we work with.

Loving the feeling we get from doing work that feeds our soul. Indeed, it is not work. It is simply what we do every day. We do not yearn for a holiday because we love what we do every day.

Sure, one of our goals may be to go away and explore beautiful locations as an adventure rather than a simple holiday. When we operate in this way, we are operating at a much higher level. We are doing the work in our genius and as such, we do not seek distraction.

For example, going on holiday and drinking and eating to excess every day. Promising ourselves that we will start going to the gym when we get home.

And remember, how soon you forget that you have been on holiday once you get home. Just a few days in and you are back to your daily grind, holiday forgotten. The only thing lingering is sunburn.

But when your whole life is not a grind, but a love of what you do then you experience life in a completely different way. You are not a victim, things do not happen to you.

You are a creator of your own life. You focus on what you love and you take action. And most importantly, whatever it is that you do, brings you a deep sense of fulfilment and love. Imagine how that would feel.

How committed are you to living that kind of life. What stones are you willing to overturn to live like that. What scary, unknown paths are you willing to go down to embrace this new way of being every day.


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