This moment is all we have

Time does not stand still for anyone. Not for a minute or a day. Whatever happens in your life, whatever your circumstances, times marches on relentlessly.

There are no gimmes or pauses in life. There is just the time you have and what you do with it. The truth is, that all we really have is this moment in this day.

There is no future or past. We cannot live in the future or live in the past for if we do then we lose the moment that we have right now. For our focus is not on the present.

If we allow our shadow monster today then there may not be a tomorrow. And if we dwell on the past and what might have been if we had made a different decision or if someone else had done something different then we are distracted from the present.

You may as well be blind drunk or passed out for you will miss out on another beautiful gift of a day and night. Facing the truth of who we are is sometimes too scary to face and so we spend our life submerged in distractions.

We make ourselves busy with all these things that we have to do. And our minds can easily justify all the tasks we have to complete. And so, we tell everyone that we have no time, we are too busy.

We are too busy to stop and see what is really happening to us. We are too stressed to be able to stop and take a pause. And yet, the only way out of chaos or stress is to indeed stop and pause.

There are moments in life that we can afford to lose if we are healing or growing. We will easily lose a few hours watching a movie or a TV series.

But to take even half an hour to go and be present in nature and ground ourselves. Refresh and reset for just half an hour is not possible because we are too busy.

We are so unaware of what we spend our time on. We lose hours, days, weeks and years as we remain submerged and busy and stressed.

We think we are moving forwards but alas we are not. We are well and truly stuck but are unaware of our situation. Perhaps you live in a city but there are always parks close by.

We tell ourselves we are too busy but what do we do on the whole weekend. And the weekend after that and so on and so on. We have the choice to do whatever we like with our time.

The question is, will we spend it distracting ourselves or will we spend it focusing and taking action on what we would love to create in our life.

We seek excitement but real excitement is going down the unknown path. It’s going on adventures and following nudges. Its following our intuition.

Its creating our own excitement. Its following our heart. And when we do that, the gifts and rewards are beyond anything we have experienced so far in our life.

And the only way to find this out is to go on the adventure and listen and take action otherwise we will never know what might have been.

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