As you sit by the water, can you feel the energy and the power of such a large source of raw nature. Water sits there looking tranquil and peaceful. a few small ripples across the vast expanse. and yet it gives so much life and energy to birds, fish, trees and plants.

It is absolutely life giving. life on earth would not exist without water. It also sits calmly, gentle waves splashing along the shore and yet the power of the weight of the water is immeasurable.

if the water burst its banks or broke through it’s wall holding it in place, it would crush everything in its path for as long as it could keep moving. It would flood roads and fields and houses and farms. It would literally be unstoppable until it naturally ran out of volume.

The question is, do we respect and admire nature with her beauty and power and life giving energy or do we simple take it for granted.

We think that it shall always be here and nothing will change. But the world is changing, constantly evolving right in front of us but we are blind to it. Just complaining about climate change but not seeing what really is going on.

What is really happening because we live in our own little cocoon of life, full of distractions and pleasures. Not noticing a changing world until it is too late and then simply complaining and being a victim.

So, the call is to wake up. Go into nature and simply observe. Marvel and appreciate her beauty. Marvel at her controlled power and life giving energy. For, without her, you will cease to exist in an instant.

It is where we have come from and where we shall return to when nature takes back what is hers.

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