How to deal with adversity

What I would love to talk to you today is about how your ancient ancestors dealt with adversity. In these times, many thousands of years ago, they did not have the luxury of sitting around and complaining about their hard life or what they were missing or a family member that had been savagely killed by a sabre tooth tiger.

There was no time to sit around for a start and secondly, while they were sitting in their victim mode, feeling sorry for themselves and complaining about this and that, they would be savagely killed by another large predator who would make them their dinner.

You had to be sharp and you had to really want to survive in the ancient world for there was danger all around you. However, this was not all bad, for those that wanted to survive, thrived in this environment. They understood that they just had to get on with it.

They learnt from any mistakes (if they didn’t kill them) and did things differently next time. They had a deep connection to their surroundings and to nature and to the earth. They even had a deep connection to all animals so that when their senses were heightened, they could easily sense danger coming.

If they were not focused and feeling sorry for themselves, then it would not be long before they became food for a predator. In the world we live in today, there are still many dangers out there but most of the time, we are relaxed and not paying attention.

You may fall for a scam or have a car accident because you’re not paying attention or something much worse may happen. This all comes down to paying attention and being aware of what is going on around you and being responsible for yourself and for your family.

When we relinquish this responsibility and make it someone else’s problem or we sit there complaining about anything and everything, then bad things are likely to happen. You are responsible for yourself and for your family members. Do not be a victim, ever.

You can be a target but never a victim. Embrace the beauty around you, be aware of love and danger. Choose only important things to focus on. Don’t focus and worry about things that you cannot change, it will suck your energy and put you in victim mode where things happen to you.

Be a creator where you specifically go after things that you would love in your life. Don’t get distracted by the news and media talking about things that are firstly probably false and secondly you can’t change. You have a responsibility to your immediate circle.

Put your focus on them and on yourself. Be responsible for your own health and wealth. Take action towards what you would love. Use your energy and time wisely. They are limitless when used in the right way but both disappear very quickly when wasted.

Don’t waste your gifts and talents. Bring them to the world as intended and create abundance for yourself by serving the world. Be the genius you were born to be and create a magical life for you and your family.

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