Focus on your end result

Every day is full of little struggles and hiccups but the little wins you get along the way bring joy and pleasure. Keep your focus on these little wins and keep your focus on making those wins happen.

Those little wins are your end result. Have a clear expectation of your end result and what you want to achieve. When you hit a hurdle or a problem, don’t forget to maintain your focus on the end result and do not lose hope.

Do not give your subconscious the wrong message that your end result doesn’t matter anymore and you’d rather just turn into a victim and complain about not getting what you want.

Magicians know that even when faced with the biggest mountains in the way of their end result that they have the power to practically manifest their end result.

The how doesn’t matter, what matters is that you don’t give up. You sit with the tension and know, deep down that you will achieve your end result regardless of your circumstances.

When you achieve your end result and get what you want, it will give you confidence to practice this the next time you come across a problem or a mountain in your way.

Maintain your focus, don’t deviate and imagine that you already have what you want. It is just a matter of time catching up and you getting what your heart desires.

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