New Year?

What has changed today, compared to yesterday apart from a bunch of manmade numbers. You know you have the power to make any change you would love to in a heartbeat.

You do not have to wait for a day or month or year to change. These are just manmade measurements of time. Notice how quickly you forget what day it is when you are on holiday?

It’s because the day is largely irrelevant, apart from leaving day and going back to your old life. At no point does time ever stand still and wait for the new year to arrive so that you can begin doing whatever it is you have decided you should do or would love to do.

Day and night is relentless as it moves onwards and you lose time waiting for the perfect moment to start. The perfect time to start is always right now, not when everything is perfect, not on the first of the month or the first day of the new year.

As soon as you wait for the perfect time or perfect date, you have told your subconscious that you are not serious, you are happy to wait because it is not actually that important to you.

If it was important, you’d already be doing it. It is important to give your subconscious the right message. This is important to me, I want to focus on this and achieve it and so let’s start right now.

Be aware of when your ego wishes to make conditions perfect before you start because this is self-sabotage. Remember as well to make anything you wish to do, easy and playful and joyful.

One of the rules of the universe is that it wants you to thrive and have a great human experience. If you get too serious and whatever it is you’d love to create in your life becomes a burden to you, then you are unlikely to follow through on it.

Enjoy whatever it is you wish to create in your life. Be playful and be aware of when you become serious and put pressure on yourself. Remember, magical creations that come from the heart are just that.

Magical creations and they have no conditions attached to them. For example, if you write a book because it is what your heart would love to create then that is the creation. The creation is not having millions of people buying your book, that is a different creation.

The problem comes when you seek validation or acknowledgement from whatever it is you have created. Then it doesn’t come from a pure place and so, it will generally not work out. Just listen and follow what your heart would love to create for you and keep it simple and pure. No conditions.

Do things for the love of doing them, not because you feel you have to. If you have this feeling of having to do something then it becomes heavy and it is not joyful or fun or from a pure place.

Create a vision for yourself of what you would love to create in your life and then put all your focus and energy into creating that. Do not get sucked into distractions.

Give your subconscious the right messages and don’t fall foul of believing you’re not good enough, or the time isn’t perfect or you are not perfect.

Everything is perfect, the universe is simply waiting for you to take action and lead a more fulfilled life that you deserve.

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