Saving Mankind

Gerogia, a light warrior who has lived over a thousand lifetimes and has the wisdom of a god and the heart and spirit of a warrior. He was one of the first to recognise the threat that man poses to the earth he lives upon.

The threat that mankind furiously destroys the limitless nature of the earth. The destroyer of ecosystems. The killer of beats and animals and nature alike without remorse or care or thoughts of consequence.

Gerogia could see the damage been done by the humans and knew that unless he warned them, God would rain down fire upon the earth as he has done before to wipe the earth clean of hate, suffering, misery and anguish.

God knows full well the healing power of the earth and her ability to revive after the harshest of winters or the biggest firestorms. The earth will always find a way to not only survive but rebirth new life once more upon her sands and mountains and oceans.

There will always be a rebirth and new life however, Gerogia knows full well the pain this not only causes God that he has to take this action but everything that lives upon the earth has to go through this pain of being (violently for some and slowly for others) inevitable death so that a rebirth may occur afresh.

Fresh from the past. A new species of man, once again connected to the earth, to nature and to the stars of the universe. A new man that experiences limitlessness once more. He will be reborn into a wild, vast world.

One that will need to be rebuilt from scratch that will take many thousands of years once more. In this time, the earth will grow stronger once more.

She will provide sustenance for the new species that follow so that they may thrive as intended. There will be a new way of being. This will follow how our ancient ancestors once lived. In harmony with each other and with nature.

Grateful for everything they are provided with by the earth. Committed to maintaining the ecosystem. Committed to living well, to thriving, serving one another and serving God once more. New civilisations will spring up once more from nothing but the people will be equal.

They will not be corrupted by greed nor power. They will not bully the weak, they will teach them to be strong. They will not take advantage of the poor, they will teach them to be rich. They will not destroy for the sake of destroying.

They will give before they take. They will serve before receiving reward. They will grow more trees before cutting down what is there. They will feed the fish before taking only enough to feed themselves and their family.

This will be the new way of being. Gerogia is confident that he can teach mankind of today to be this way and in doing so prevent a cataclysmic event and the resulting rebirth. He believes mankind can be saved if he will just listen and take heed and action.

He has faith in mankind will make big changes to save itself. To recognise the error of it’s way. To banish the evil ones that refuse to change. To educate those suffering with hate and fear and anger and get them to see they really have nothing to fear but their own minds.

That there is hope for them if they just open their hearts and learn to love everyone and everything around them. The man who loves only his family is not loving. He must love nature, the trees, the seas and oceans.

The animals, the birds, the snakes and spiders, the whales and porpoises. Everything deserves to be loved, including his fellow man on the other side of the world, embroiled in suffering, of a different culture and colour but no less a man than he.

All are equal, all must thrive and all must love one another. Replace anger with love. Replace hate with love. Become aware of themselves, their actions and what is going on in the world around them.

Become conscious of their subconscious and the wisdom it holds for them. Become useful. Become caring and kind to all organisms on this earth for we all have a right to live on earth equally. We all deserve to thrive whether we are human or an ant eater or a blue tit.

When we go for this way of life, God will be pleased and he will love us and he will know, Gerogia was right, mankind can indeed be saved.

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