The Way Of The Ancient Tribes

A band of ancient warriors struggle through the night to get back to their home in the hills with the multitude of caves that they all live in.

They have been in a tough fight where they lost many of their brave brothers. Many are injured as they help one another and support each other to get back home to their families and loved ones. It has been a hard fought battle over many days and nights.

They are exhausted and hungry. They fought many other brave warriors and then were attacked by a huge brutish bear as they left the battlefield.

There was no victor in the fight but it was either leave or each man would have fought to the death and there would be no one to return to the caves.

They were all brave warriors but they were not stupid. They had made a good account of themselves and proved their warrior spirit and bravery but the fight was over and they all had to head back.

On the way, they encountered the 8 foot, angry, hungry bear. They once again had to use all their skills and cunning to protect themselves and fight for their lives once more.

There was never any rest. Just a constant fight for survival. Even after they scared off the bear eventually, they had to drag their weary bodies over rocky ground, deep rivers and high mountains.

Over snowcapped peaks and down treacherous slopes. One thing the warriors would never do was to give up. They would fight until their last breathe was taken from them.

It would never be willingly surrendered. They protected their brothers with their life if necessary. They would fight to the death for their families and their tribe.

The survival of the tribe was absolute but so was the warrior spirit. They had to prove their strength and bravery on this earth in order to transition to the next world.

They had to be loyal and faithful and useful to the tribe. Death would come swiftly to any who did not live up to the standard. Their powerful leaders blade was swift and true for any weakness that put the tribe in jeopardy.

The women, the bearers of new life, the keepers of the peace and the ones who nurtured the young ones, were to be protected at any cost. The women were capable in their own right. But there job was not protection but to nurture.

And so it came to be, the way of the tribes. Only the strongest survived and thrived. They had to use all their powers and skills and talents just to stay alive.

They would all need to contribute to the success of the tribe or they would not eat. They would need to find their genius and serve their tribe from a young age.

They would venture out into the wild as a young boy or girl and seek guidance from the stars and the spirit animals who would share with them their purpose.

With passion and love they would live out their purpose and be supported and loved by the rest of the tribe. They would transition from child to adult in this process and take responsibility for their own life and those of the tribe.

They would receive abundance in many different forms, love, food, fire, warmth and comfort. They would be fulfilled by their service that made their heart sing.

They would be joyful and happy but they would not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for their loved ones if the time ever came.

They had to be tough and they had to learn many skills but with their deep connection to the universe and to nature and their understanding of being grateful for everything they received from her, they thrived.

They would spend the time to save a sick tree or one covered in strangling weeds. For this small deed, they would be repaid tenfold by nature herself.

Even though they had to fight other brave warriors and large, dangerous beasts, they never forgot that their true strength lay in their ability to love.

Love and pray for the beast that wanted to kill and eat them, love their enemies, love the animals that allowed themselves to be killed for food. They learned that when they loved everything, life was actually much easier.

It was less hard for whatever was thrown at them, they loved and appreciated and learnt any lessons that came their way from tough situations.

They grew as a person and as a spirit. It didn’t matter when they died for it was clear that it was their time to transition to the next world. They would feel the loss but they would also rejoice for their loved one had earnt the right to move on.

They would celebrate the life of their loved one, however long or short and know, deep down that they would be looked after in the next world.

And that they would once again be reunited when their time came. Until then, they would serve and thrive and appreciate the gift of a joyful life.

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