The Broken Plate and the Butterfly

As every day passes you by, do you love how you spent it or do you regret not doing what you would have loved to have done. Do you look forward to every day and a new exciting adventure or do you worry and are anxious about what it will bring you .

Pain and suffering, loss, distraction, avoidance. Will every day bring you love or regret. You know that the past is over and it cannot be brought forward again.

You are welcome to live in the past but it will bring you no peace or quiet or love. However, put your focus on creating a magical, exciting life for yourself and it will bring you whatever your heart desires.

The stronger your focus and the higher your vibration, the better your chance of success in getting what you would love. It is important to understand that you are responsible for whatever you create in your life.

You are responsible for your past decisions and choices, both conscious and subconscious. However, remember, when the past is done, it is done.

When a plate falls off a table and breaks, it is broken. Sure, you can try and glue it back together but it will never be the same again. You can’t make it un-fall.

You can’t make it unbreak. In the same way, with whatever has happened in your life, whether you love it or regret it, it is done. Do not sit and ponder what may have been.

Your only pondering is on the lesson you were to learn for there is always a lesson to learn. But that is where the past stops. Be present and love the day you have been gifted for that’s what it is.

A chance to create, a chance to love, a chance to live in your truth, to be your authentic self. Dwelling on the past only sucks time and energy from what you could create for today and tomorrow. Your focus creates your reality.

I will tell you this 100 times because it is true. Find your purpose and spend your days creating it and living it. Do not spend your days in pain from your past demons.

They have flown away and simply leave the ash of memories that once where but are now forgotten by everyone else apart from you.

Until of course, you learn to let go as well. Apart from the lesson, the past will not serve you. Humans are designed to constantly grow and evolve into better versions of themselves. Imagine a butterfly, beautiful and lovely, fluttering in the wind and the sunlight.

Do you think this gorgeous butterfly is thinking about when it was a worm, inching along the floor. Or do you think it is living in the moment of its new life and where its wings will take it next.

The next exciting journey and discoveries. Covering more ground in mere hours than it would have in days as a worm. Mostly living in fear of being picked up by a robin to feed its young chicks.

You have the choice to choose what you wish to think about. What you wish to put your focus on. Remember, for every moment you live in the past, you are losing out on the present and the future. And in those moments that you choose to live and think about the past, you lose the present.

It is gone forever, just like the broken plate, smashing into a thousand pieces on the floor, never to return every again. Do not waste your empathy on the plate.

It’s gone, its purpose complete, its energy transferred away to somewhere else where it is needed. All you really have is this moment, treasure it as the gift it is and spend it wisely.

Full it with love and use it to take action on making the next moment more exciting than the last.

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