Divine Love

Divine love is what we would all love to have in our lives. For this divine love will teach us that we are connected to all other beings.

And through this connection to one another, we ebb and flow throughout our lives. We get strength from one another whenever we need it. In those moments of deep sorrow or loss of a loved one.

Or through those times when we need great strength to overcome a physical challenge. When we are climbing a mountain, physically or metaphorically and we have reached the end of our resolve.

We need to dig deep and get strength from those connected to us through love. Love is in limitless abundance for us. You cannot give all your love away, for it is endless.

You can not only receive a certain amount of love and then you are full because it is endless. It is like a super fuel for the human body and mind.

It gives us strength and resilience to conquer all in this world that we choose to love in. choose to thrive in. we simply need to have the awareness of when to call out for it. It will always be there, waiting for us.

Do not shut your mind off to it. Do not be a victim and wallow in self-pity. A little bird will sit on a fence and freeze to death but he or she will never feel sorry for themselves.

Remember, love is your super power and your super fuel and it is always in limitless supply. Simply sit and focus on your heart space and send out love to everyone you can think of.

And be open to receiving love from anyone and everyone. It will ignite your frequency and your cells which will feel like they’re bursting with energy and excitement.

And remember too that you can get love from all creatures, plants and trees on earth, not just humans. Feel the love and wisdom of trees that have been around for longer than all of us in our lifetime.

They have seen humanity transform through many generations. Seen young children grow up to be adults and grandparents and great parents.

They have seen little children play upon their branches, yelling and screaming with love and excitement. It has brought much joy to everyone around including the trees themselves.

This has kept the trees strong and unyielding in strong winds and heavy rainfall. They survive and thrive and see it all. They are the keepers of wisdom and love and every spring they are reborn and flourish and grow and evolve.

So go about your day with love. Do not get distracted by the little things that try and knock you off track. Keep love as your frequency and operate form your highest self.

Whatever happens in your day, come back to love. That will resolve many of the problems you face throughout your lifetime.


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