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I would love to tell you about planets that you have not visited for a very long time. There are beings on earth that travel to these plants quite often.

They bring back important information about the best way to operate societies and many ways to look after the earth and nature and how important earth is to the whole universe.

Mankind says that they want to protect the earth and look after her but the reality is they only live for today. They do not care what happens in the future when they are long dead.

Or so they think they will be long dead but the reality is that they will be reborn. And they will have to live in the world that they created for their future self.

And in this world that they have created, there will be much suffering unless things change. Humanity needs to change in many ways. They need to ensure that the many thrive and not just the few as I have shared a few times already.

In addition, mankind needs to take better care of nature. There is a lot of tree cutting going on at an alarming rate within the world. Trees are the lifeblood of the earth.

Without these tress, there will start to be less oxygen. I don’t need to finish this sentence. There is so much control and power struggles going on but the reality is, soon you will be fighting over nothing for their will be nothing left.

Those that are awake and aware will be lucky for they will be able to travel to different worlds. They will be welcomed with open arms and they will learn what it is they need to do back on earth to help save her.

Remember, that nature will always find a way, she will always win, no matter what happens. But, via education, mankind can do this themselves. These leaders that come back from the other worlds need to find a way to convey their messages.

They need to be listened to. They are the ones who can save humanity and the earth. This will be the best way. These travelers will be very wise.

They will understand what it takes to thrive and be fulfilled in life on earth. They will see how others live in other worlds that most are not aware of.

Their knowledge will be invaluable to humans. There needs to be more listening and action taken. Humans need to take responsibility and stop ticking boxes and making money out of pretending to save the world.

They need to actually save the world. The world is waiting. The other worlds are waiting with the knowledge to share with you. The time is now.

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