The Wise Man and his Pack of Wolves

In the beginning of an endless time on earth, there was a wise man who lived alone in a cave upon a great mountain. He was not totally alone as he had a few outcast wolves that lived with him.
They would hunt together and look after each as one pack. Their bond was pure love. It was not based on who brought the most food or who provided the most warmth at night.
While it was nice, that the wise man could create a fire at night, it was not the reason the wolves stayed. They stayed because they were better together as a pack.
They were happy and content. They served each other and protected each other. They wanted no more than to have what they had. On occasion over the years, one of their pack would pass away.
Either from age or injury while out hunting. While it was sad to lose one of their pack and a loved one, they knew that their companion would either be reborn or would become a star in the night sky and watch over them for the rest of their days.
Other outcast wolves would join their pack. They would quickly understand how the pack worked. They would raise their vibration to unconditional love. They did not act like victims because they had been outcast of their pack.
They realised that everything happens for a reason and now the pack they belonged to was even better than before. They knew that they were loved unconditionally.
They knew they would be fulfilled by serving the rest of the pack members. They saw the wise man as their guardian. He would talk to them every night around the fire and tell them many stories.
He would teach them a new way of being.
To be creators of their lives and never to be a victim. To enjoy the beauty of nature. Enjoy the power of the stillness in nature. To understand that there was nowhere they had to be, nothing they had to do but to thrive and to love one another.
One day they knew their wise old friend would too pass away. But they knew he would be reborn or become a star in the night sky and watch over them.
Perhaps another wise man would join them. They loved their life. It was simply but fulfilling. It was still hard work to find and hunt down food to feed the whole pack but there was joy in the task when it served everyone.
For everyone was grateful for one another. It was a choice to stay every day. They would not corrupt one another but supported each other to each live in their highest self and in their power and genius.
There was no better feeling to love, be loved and live and operate at their highest self. The wise man and his wolves were to be an example to mankind of how to live and thrive.
But man was not interested in this way of life. He wanted for so much, he wanted for more than his brother. He wanted to be the over powering leader.
He wanted to seek to have his beliefs validated. He discovered that he could not love or feel love for he was so caught up in his distractions from life.
He did not see or appreciate nature and her beauty. Did not see the value and power in her stillness. And so man, following his own path began to suffer and cause suffering.
He was not content or fulfilled but he just pushed harder to try and get what he thought he wanted but was unattainable. And so there was misery and suffering.
There was chasing of great wealth to buy more distractions and fake happiness. Mankind missed everything. He was inconsolable when one of his own past away.
He would question everything at this point and lose his way. This would cause more suffering and pain. And so, this is how man choose to live. And choose to ignore the beautiful wisdom and story of the wise man and his pack of wolves.
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