Stop and Give Yourself Space

Change can only happen when there is space for it. It needs space to breathe and see the future. It needs the space to see how and what to change for the better. It needs the space to grow and improve.

While you are pushing yourself, day in and day out, nothing can change or grow. You may think that you are. You must be because you are working so hard but the reality is, you are not. You are simply stuck on the hamster wheel, running and running. Working and working but not actually making true progress.

You may, if you are lucky, get more financial reward but you won’t be getting any spiritual reward.

Your heart will not be expanding. You will not be growing as a human. The money reward will simply keep you distracted and on the wrong path.

You will see all the pointless toys that you can buy and you will think that everything is amazing. Yes, you will receive pleasure but it is all egotistical.

It is fake and distractive from your true purpose here on earth. Give yourself the space to breathe, to think, to feel alive, to appreciate beauty around you.

Give yourself the space to love. Imagine what you would love to do. And go forth towards the unknown, the path that has not been travelled for this is where the treasure lies.

There is no treasure on the well-trodden path for everyone has already collected it well before you. Head for the unknown. Head into the wild and just be.

Nothing to do, nowhere to be, just be present and enjoy the moment. Raise your frequency by sending out love to everyone you can think of.

Imagine yourself glowing like a bright star in the night sky. Now, what would you love. Finally, stay focused and take action. Do not live in distraction.

There is always action to take. There is always something positive to do to drive yourself forward, easily and playfully.

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