The Quiet Lesson

There was a time, when all the planets aligned for a brief moment in history. A very unusual event that only happens once every few hundred years.

You can see the plants as a path of bright stars all in a row, like a stairway to the universe or heavens. The ancients knew that when this happened, that something special was about to happen.

They didn’t know what but the frequency of the earth would change during this event. The frequency would rise up to an astonishingly high level.

The ancients would feel the energy shift. Even the animals around the earth would sense this change and they would become nervous and skittish. They didn’t like the change but the ancients were intrigued.

For it was during this time that they developed super powers. They could heal themselves of any ailment, they would have immense strength and incredible clarity.

It truly was like a pathway to the heavens had opened up and they had direct access to God himself and all his power and wisdom.

They would literally become more intelligent while this highest frequency was in play. It would only last for about 24 hours but in this time they could accomplish a lot.

They would find solutions to problems, like how to get water from the river to their whole field of crops. How to use donkeys to pull a barge along a river.

How to stop water leaks in the boats and so on. They would have immense flashes of inspiration that allowed them to advance as a whole civilization in only a single 24 hour period of time.

They had to act quickly and make notes and drawings of the inspiration and wisdom they received. This alignment of the stars was written in history, as well as when it would occur next for their children’s children to be aware of the event and take advantage of it as they had.

But these scriptures where lost when to fire and war and so, it was a surprise when the event happened again and unless anyone knew what it was and how to take advantage of it, the knowledge and wisdom and clarity was lost once again for another few hundred years.

They would miss the opportunity to advance their civilization. It was all about awareness and their deep connection to the stars and the universe as a whole. Those that learnt to talk to the stars would receive this guidance so that they could be prepared for when it happened again.

There was a very big celebration as the time approached. Many sacrifices where made and many psychedelics consumed to get even more clarity and advice and wisdom from God.

Interestingly they understood that if they consumed wine, they would pass out and completely miss the most important event of their lifetime.

There was no second chance. If they missed the opportunity then it would not return during their lifetime or even the lifetime of their children.

What was taught was that it was important to learn from the stars and the universe, to have a deep connection to the universe and to nature.

To not be distracted and to practice silence and accept the guidance. They learnt that actually, they didn’t need to wait for the planets to align for this gift was always available to them.

It wasn’t even about meditation, it was simply about being quiet and listening. This truly helped them get advice which helped them in their life and aided their civilization to advance thanks to the wisdom received.

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