How To Use Your Intuition

The toughest thing to do in the moment of a crisis or in panic and frustration and anger is to stop. To stop and trust yourself that you can and will come up with a solution if you just stop and let your intuition take over.

Your intuition has all the answers but it can only get through when the mind is quiet so that you can hear it. When you are in turmoil and your brain is going crazy, remember, that your true power in that situation, whatever it happens to be, is to quieten the mind.

This involves centring yourself, putting your focus in the centre of your head. Simply allowing yourself to focus on a single point and to let all the myriad of other thoughts and feelings wash over you. Acknowledge and let them go and keep your focus.

Let your intuition take control of the situation and find a creative way out of your predicament. This may be an emergency type of scenario or it could be losing a loved one or losing your job or just having a panic attack about something.

It is in these moments that you need to pull yourself up, swim to the surface so that you can breathe. So that you can stop drowning in all your thoughts and feelings which are essentially all made up.

They are not based on fact, they are based on your perception of the current situation. How many times have you judged a situation and think something is going on when the reality is, when you find out later, that actually, something totally different was going on.

That is because we make it all up and our reality is based on a very clever illusion. When we stop our racing mind and choose not to focus on all these thoughts and feelings flying around like a tornado in our head, then we can allow our intuition to come to the fore.

Our intuition is not logic. It is not reason. It is a part of us that answers first when we ask a question of it. It is the first response before our ego and logic trying to kick in and answer the question a different way.

A way based on our belief systems that have kept us small all our life. Belief systems that were created as a child and that we have never shed but still live by them, many years into adulthood.

Sometimes, into our seventies and eighties, we still live and act like a child. Stamping our foot to get attention, throwing our toys out our cot when we don’t get our own way.

And above all, believing that we are incapable or not worthy or not good enough and so on. It’s because we listen to these thoughts and live by our ego that we struggle in life.

We have not taken responsible for our life, we have not taken responsibility for everything that we have created in our life. We are a victim.

Everything has happened to us. Ever notice how, when people do really bad things to others and they get caught, that they are always the victim in the scenario.

They never admit and can’t even fathom that they have hurt others and even destroyed other people’s lives and their families. They did what they thought they had to survive and they hurt many others in the process.

And when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, oh wow. Its not their fault, life is hard, it’s me or you. The excuses will continue into eternity.

They will never take responsibility and they will feel sorry for themselves. They are firmly in victim mode. Life will be infinitely better for you when you catch yourself being a victim and switch into creator mode instead.

In creator mode, you go after what your heart would love to create. In this terrible situation right now, that you have unconsciously created, what would your heart love.

What outcome would you really love. The more clear you can be on what outcome you would love, the more you put your focus on this outcome, the more likely you are to create this for yourself.

The outcome doesn’t have to be logical but it does have to come from your heart. That’s the rule. Go for what your heart would love. Do no harm to others, be that a tree, a squirrel or another human being.

Remember always, that love is our superpower. Go for what you love regardless of our crazy or impossible it feels at the time. Step into the unknown. Look for what is unknown.

That is how you will grow and thrive. One more thing, make it easy and playful. Don’t be serious. Don’t try and force your outcome. Make it easy and playful and fun.

Have fun getting that outcome that comes from your heart.

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