You’re Causing Your Own Pain

Pain is caused by our own inability to learn the lessons that are taught to us. Pain comes from not listening to our intuition and to the messages and nudges that tell our brain to stop doing what we are doing.

There is no such thing as irritable bowel syndrome. It is simply our body telling us that whatever we just ate, we should not eat ever again.

Instead, as humans, we decide to ignore the message and instead make money by inventing and selling a drug that enables (in theory) for us to eat that thing that our body told us we should not eat.

This causes us much worse pain further down the road. In the same token, we hurt ourselves training at gym, or running too much or doing some other kind of exercise.

The resulting pain is a message to tell us either to slow down or to do a different exercise. The one you keep doing, over and over again is not good for you.

Listen to the message. In another scenario, we feel emotional pain based on something we keep doing over and over again. Perhaps it is choosing the wrong partner and ignoring the red flags.

Instead of listening to the lessons, we continue down the same path and then complain bitterly when we get hurt. The truth is the message and the lesson are at the beginning of all these journeys.

If only we stop and listen, then will stop ourselves experiencing a lot of pain. In another scenario, the pain comes from trying to hurt something or someone. We get hurt instead. Another lesson for us to listen to.

This all comes down to us creating our own pain and suffering. When we fully understand this concept then we can being to realise that if we just listen and do things differently, then we shall get less pain.

Look at our life and see when you have had pain. Where was the lesson that you didn’t listen to. How could you have made a different choice and avoided the pain.

Being present and being aware will go a long way to helping you identify a situation where you are about to cause yourself pain. If we take the time to heal be that from a physical or emotional injury, then we will always come back stronger and more resilient.

If we ignore the pain, it will only get worse. And it will keep getting worse until finally we listen or we don’t…

I have spoken many times before about the rules of the universe. The universe wants you, above all else to thrive in your human experience.

If you are in a bad situation and you are not thriving, it will bump you to make you wake up and realise that whatever you’re doing, you need to stop doing.

You are currently making bad choices for yourself. You may even be living as a victim. The universe will keep bumping you harder and more dramatically until you take heed and make a change in your life.

If you are in an abusive relationship, it is not going to miraculously get better all of a sudden. It will get progressively worse, the injuries will get progressively worse until either you die or you stop causing yourself pain and get help.

We are responsible for ourselves. If we ever find ourselves in a bad situation, be aware of what the lesson is and take action. Make better choices.

We are never as powerless as we imagine, there is always an option if we stop being a victim and imagine ourselves as a creator and find a solution.

You are already creating your own life so if things are not working, then focus on what you would love to create for yourself. Don’t cause yourself pain. If you are struggling then speak to someone or get in touch with me.

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