Operating At Your Highest Level

Many people are lost in this world. They go through the motions of living. They think they are alive but they are more operating like walking zombies than someone who it truly alive and living their best life.

Someone who is operating at their highest frequency. There are not a huge amount of those. The people that operate at their highest self and highest frequency are changing lives every day. They set trends, they develop and share new technology.

They create a magical life for themselves. They have amazing relationships because it is what they focus on and what they create. They have very successful businesses creating immense wealth for many people.

The people in the business also operate at the highest level because they have been educated to do so. They strive to be the best in the world.

They strive in live in their genius. And the rewards they have reflect the level they operate at. They will not settle for anything less. Their clients have to live at a high level.

They have to be successful and influential in the world. They thrive, they work long hours but they love what they do and it is easy and playful. They love interacting with other people operating at their genius.

They are constantly creating good in the world and wealth and abundance for many. They are helping others operate at new levels, they never imagined possible.

And yet, there are not many people in a world of 8 billion people operating at this very high level. Striving to be better every day. Striving to do good for others.

To bring their gifts and talents to the world to serve. In it in the moments of seeing their clients having a breakthrough, they truly feel fulfilled in their work.

They see their client’s eyes light up as the penny drops. They understand together what has been holding them back from being fulfilled for so many years.

Why their relationships keep failing and what to do differently. People who strive to be better, really do achieve what they set out to create.

They know that they are powerful and that they have the power to have a life full of love and fulfilment. A life of joy and happiness. They understand that sometimes life happens but they keep moving forward regardless of their circumstances.

They want to be the best in the world at what they do. They love what they do and they love their life. They do not worry about numbers, be that financial numbers or sales figures or likes on social media platforms.

They simply do things that make their heart expand and sing with joy and the numbers take care of themselves. They know that when they go all in, 100%, no doubts or insecurities, then things really change for them and their loved ones around them.

They are fully present and engaged when they interact with anyone, be that a new client or a family member. They do not tolerate distractions.

You will not find them watching rubbish on TV. You will find them creating, being out in the wild and enjoying the beauty of nature. Leading people on retreats, writing books, coaching leaders, speaking at conferences. Inspiring people to take action on what their own hearts would love.

Never backing down from any negativity for they don’t even see this negativity. They simply float above all the noise and relentlessly go after what they love.

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