The Spider Lesson

In dark times in this world, the only way to survive was to be a brave and strong warrior. You would have to defeat all comers that threatened you, your family or even your tribe.

There were no laws, when you went away from the seemingly safety of your cave or camp, you would be presented with many threats. These could be other hunters or ferocious wild beasts that were starving and wanted to eat you.

It could even be a deadly spider that you brush past by mistake and it injects it’s lethal poison into you. The excruciating pain hits you like a thousand knives. You try to stagger home before the poison takes its full effect.

Knowing that your mate may be able to save your life. You feel dizzy and sick as you stubble, desperately trying to stay on your feet. You know, that if you fall to the ground, it’s all over. You will die where you lie.

You call out, a thin, raspy call. The birds don’t even fly away, your call is so weak. By some miracle, your tribe hears and sees you and comes running to your aid. They lift you up and carry you back to the cave.

You have a witch doctor in your midst and she knows just what to do. Slicing open the wound to let the bloody and poison flow out. They give you lots of water to drink. You splutter and gasp and try and keep the water down.

They bathe you and wrap special leaves on your wound. Now, they leave you to lie by the camp fire. Warm and cold at the same time, sweating and shivering, the fever takes hold.

But you are a warrior and you know that you must fight to the bitter end. For nothing else but to protect your tribe when you are strong again.

To hunt and feed them and to lead them. Your time is not done. Your genius is still within you and your tribe needs you. They cannot let you go yet.

And so you stay by the camp fire, your mind fights, your body fights as you slowly pull through. You do not plan or plot your revenge on the spider for the spider was simply being a spider.

There was no malice or hate, just protecting itself. And so, this is the way of nature. All creatures protecting themselves while feeding and helping others.

A thriving ecosystem where birth and death are constant and a natural way of life. This is where we came from and this is where we must return.

Survival on earth is not just about survival of mankind, it is about survival of all creatures, plants and trees. The ecosystem must be protected at all costs.

Without balance, without the ecosystem, all will fail. Even as a human, we need balance. We need that connection from nature from whence we were born.

It is our home and our natural self. When we are grounded and balanced then we are at peace. We have less demons and we understand our purpose here on earth.

For we all have a purpose. It is up to us to find it and live it and in doing this, we will discover a new way of being on this earth. A way where we are fulfilled and happy and joyful. Where stress is but a fleeting moment rather than a constant.

Where our journeys are easy and playful rather than hard and painful. Life is up and down but we are all powerful creators. We learn our lessons and we create the life our heart loves regardless of our circumstances.

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